What is it that we are still waiting?

Qu’est-ce qu’on attend encore?

The wearing of the mask will be imposed in the public transport. The announcement of the prime minister François Legault is welcome, but not least delayed.

The measure only takes effect on the 13th of July, including a grace period of up to 27 July. More than four months after the beginning of the crisis of the COVID-19. It is a long bibitte.

The benefits of mandatory wearing of masks to slow the spread of the virus are yet known for a long time. Since mid-march, I also wrote a lot on the subject.

The mask is imposed by a number of major cities. Idem, within a week, for the greater toronto area up in enclosed public places, including shops.

In Quebec, this next step is, that the government knows to be inevitable, however, is postponed to a later time. Under the pretext of “preparing” the population, you lose other valuable weeks of fighting against the virus.

Delay risky

Should we recall that the COVID-19 major resurgence, among other just south of our border ? Or that Quebec is the epicenter of the country ?

This week, the new minister of Health, Christian Dubé, said this important : “My wish is to be in front of the crisis and not in the back of the crisis “.

In this case, the good faith is presumed, why wait before applying the mask in enclosed public places ?

In real life, the reality is the following. There are many Quebecers whose health is fragile to various degrees. If they are infected, their risk of being very ill or dying is greater.

After months of confinement, they also need to get out in safety. Including it in their local shops and to socialise. However, they can’t do that because only a minority wears the mask.

The” étapisme ” of the mask ?

What is the impact ? Isolation despite the déconfinement. An example among others : mine. Close to helping my sister’s mentally disabled, we wear the mask since the end of march.

Because it is not imposed on the other, we still can’t take the risk of visiting our local shops. Hidden, I limit myself only to the grocery store.

My sister, private in addition to all his activities of day for months, mopes confined to the inside. For the sake of security, I am forced to limit myself to make him do a daily walk.

How many people deprive themselves of entertainment and socialization is essential because the mask is not even compulsory, among other things in the shops ? Hygiene-emotional and physical-takes it hard to his cold.

The logic, however, is relentless. When everyone wears the mask, everyone protects everyone.

So, what are we waiting for ? The” étapisme ” of the mask, it is very nice in communication policy. The problem is that it continues to slow us down in the fight against the virus while isolating still full of people.

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