What is it to be beautiful?

What is being beautiful?


Am I beautiful? Yes. No. Maybe… I'm not beautiful. This is not a statement; it is a doubt, a worry sown in the head of a person, which comes to eat it from within and to make its way to his heart. Why should we care so much about our appearance? Why these applications and filters to modify our photos? Am I beautiful? And if the answer was elsewhere…

Wow, what an album! Frankly, all women, regardless of age, should read it. Author Annie Bacon presents a thought-provoking book that makes you want to scream, “That’s exactly it! Why should we give so much importance to beauty?”

Striving for perfection

The story begins with a young girl looking at herself in a mirror thinking, “I'm not beautiful.” With hairbrush strokes, powders and blush on the face, fingers moving on the smartphone screen passing from one filter to another; this question quickly occupies all the space in her thoughts. 

The young girl in this book will come to realize that her humor, her resilience and her character, that too is beautiful! The answer to the question “Am I beautiful?” should never become obsessive.

It was when she saw a friend's post on Facebook, who mentioned that her 9-year-old daughter didn't think she was beautiful, that Annie Bacon wanted to write this album. 

“Looking at the responses under the post, I saw that all wrote that everyone is beautiful in their own way. It hit me all of a sudden, I thought that was not the right answer! Thus, we continue to insist on the importance of beauty… By answering rather that we do not care whether you are beautiful or not, perhaps we are defusing something important, “explains the author.

Beauty, it is a strong and necessary work, with engaging, lively and vivid illustrations. 

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