What is Microsoft's Edge browser 'free' VPN worth?

What is Microsoft's Edge browser “free” VPN worth?


Microsoft is integrating a free virtual private network (VPN) service into its browser, Edge, in an effort to improve security and privacy, a Microsoft support page reveals.

Dubbed “Microsoft Edge Secure Network” or Edge Secure Network, this virtual private network is a preview feature, so under development, released available to users.

When enabled, Microsoft Edge Secure Network encrypts (encrypts) users' web traffic so that ISPs or hackers can't collect browsing information you'd rather keep private.

This VPN access also protects your connections when you connect to an internet cafe or airport Wi-Fi network or any other open network that is not password-secured.

On a trip

For all my web connections, my email and even my internet telephony (voice over IP), my VPN subscription ($114 for two years) secures access to all my devices at all times: smartphone, computer and tablet.

Another advantage is that VPN-secured connections allow access to its banking services, as well as all services that require geographically controlled location (your online video subscriptions, for example). Thus, even 10,000 km from the country, it is enough to connect to one of the many servers offered in the world by the VPN service. For example, from Tokyo, a connection to a Montreal or Toronto VPN server to access your bank account will be considered by your bank's server as if you were in the country.

One gigabyte per month< /h3>

Unlike paid subscriptions, Cloudfare's future VPN service on Edge will be limited to a volume of one gigabyte per month, which is quite a bit of data, especially if you watch videos.

In addition, you will need to be subscribed to a Microsoft account to take advantage of it.

Here is how to activate Microsoft's virtual private network service.

  • Select Settings > Enable Microsoft Edge Secure Network

Edge Browser Menu

  • If you are not signed in to your Microsoft account, you are prompted to sign in or create one.
  • Solid shield icon appears in browser frame; your browsing traffic is now protected by Microsoft Edge's Secure Network.
  • The feature automatically turns off when you close Microsoft Edge. If you want to use it, you need to re-enable Microsoft Edge Secure Network for your next browsing session.

Besides this Microsoft Edge VPN service, other similar services are available by installing a third-party VPN module, like VeePN and many others, or by purchasing a plan that includes all of its devices (by far my favorite choice). /p>