What is the extension for the mission of the army in a CHSLD?

Quelle prolongation pour la mission de l'armée en CHSLD?

OTTAWA | The federal minister of public Safety, Bill Blair, has assured Wednesday that the military will remain in support of CHSLD du Québec until mid-September, as the government Legault wants, but his office later clarified that we are talking about a “federal support” extended.

“We made a commitment with the province of Quebec to continue to provide this support [in NURSING homes] until mid-September exactly as they have requested,” said minister Blair, to the Commons, when the member bloquiste Alexis Brunelle-Duceppe asked him if the soldiers of the canadian armed Forces (CAF) would be longer than expected.

“But we also ensure that we have a solution which is sustainable and efficient […], then we are working with Quebec, the CAF and the canadian Red Cross,” added Mr Blair.

The office of the minister subsequently indicated to TVA News that the federal support extended will not necessarily be the presence of soldiers, and that this issue remains to be determined.

The mission of the FAC in support of CHSLD du Grand Montreal hard hit by the COVID-19 must be completed by Friday, but Quebec city and Ottawa are trying to find a common ground to extend the period.

At the height of the crisis, some 1,300 military épaulaient 25 CHSLD and, as of the date of Tuesday, they were about 930 to 14 institutions.

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