What is the future of the snowbirds?

Quel avenir pour les snowbirds?

These days, they have their eyes glued to their ” paradise in winter “, became one of the most contagious of the planet. The COVID-19 is rife with strength. Because the State where the president, Donald Trump has his permanent residence, Mar-a-Largo, is managed by his supporters.

One of my neighbors more florida links underpin, Quebec, owns a condo, told me that in his depressed covidienne she dreams each day to his little nest that awaits him there. More just to say that she dreamed, because she now has the feeling that Florida has switched and that the trumpistes that she frequented in her building are in fact lunatics. In short, she does not know if, in the event of the end of the pandemic, it will want to ” go back in this Florida-there “.

In the winter, other hundreds of thousands of people in Quebec are descending on the beaches that have been protected in Florida, which is no longer just a refuge for old men. It is a Florida rejuvenated, more sophisticated, cosmopolitan and welcoming, where racial conflicts were appeased after the election of Barack Obama.


The reign of Trump has torn the State. In the building I live in, the supporters of Trump have come up in the ranks. Between them and the residents democrats, the tension is now palpable. As for Quebec, 20 % of residents, they are all anti-Trump, therefore, be considered by the trumpistes as leftist radicals.

Florida will find its charms of yesteryear, if Trump is elected ? The social fractures are already present, the home of the snowbirds at risk of being cold. And what Quebecers want to live among Americans triumphant, armed, racist, and xenophobic ?

Who would have thought that a virus spread across the planet break can be this happiness to live to 30 °C, the feet in the Atlantic, while in Quebec, the thermometer shows -30 °C ? Yes, the snowbirds are desperate to return to the south. “Put the fire in the fireplace “, will they then ?

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