What is the potential danger of the “Women’s Quarter”: Valery Zhidkov revealed the truth about the team

В чем потенциальная опасность “Женского Квартал”: Валерий Жидков раскрыл всю правду о коллективе

Female artist of the Quarter

today, 09:35

Valery Zhidkov – not only charismatic sandpaper and humorist, he is one of authors of idea, script and concept development “Women’s Quarter”.

In an interview Znayu he shared details about the creation of the team and its initial potential dangers.

As reported by artist, the difficulty was that the “Women’s Quarter” was not formed naturally, as it happened with the “Kvartal 95”, and with the help of casting.

В чем потенциальная опасность “Женского Квартал”: Валерий Жидков раскрыл всю правду о коллективе

Valery Zhidkov and Women’s Quarter

“I selected the girls and said that now they will be together. The fact that individually, each of them have something was, it did not guarantee total success in any way. We had to find between them, we had 14 different people to create a team who is willing to work together. And work not only on stage but outside, from the atmosphere in the team, finishing with the efficiency and organization of each individual. It all plays a role”, – said the liquid.

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According to him, the artist “Women’s Quarter” with this task coped perfectly well, in spite of all fears.

“Girls that quickly caught fire, quickly found common ground with each other, first crashed on any pair of the three friends, but all this has not prevented them together to create something. So, basically, according to the medical – health team today satisfactory and even better”, – assured the author of the idea.

В чем потенциальная опасность “Женского Квартал”: Валерий Жидков раскрыл всю правду о коллективе

Women’s Quarter

Separately Valery Zhidkov acknowledged the assistance of Elena Kravets. Her participation in the first team was also a potential danger – whether Lena to pull the blanket over yourself? But everything turned out well.

“She (Lena Kravets – ed.) behaved very wisely, properly and professionally in this respect: helping other girls not pretend to be versusu. She is the most loved immediately. Again, she likes what they say, like to participate in it, like the way they look as is. If they don’t like something, we are always open!” – admitted Valery Zhidkov.

We will remind, earlier Znayu prepared a big interview with Valery Zhidkova about his work in the “Women’s Quarter” copyright projects and life outside of the scene. He doesn’t like to keep my private life private, but he was candid in the responses about family and growing up of daughters.

Previously Marta Adamchuk from the “Women’s Quarter” in an interview Znayu openly talked about changes in the team, where did the Nasty Short and what advice the girls gave Elena Kravets. In addition, she has shared details about the visit of Elena Zelensky behind the scenes at the last concert.

And another star “Women’s Quarter” Irina Soponaru declassified as found boyfriend on vacation in an exotic country.

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