What is the problem ?

What's the problem?


The last man to build a team to win the Stanley Cup in Montreal is called Serge Savard. He did it twice and was on the verge of a third potential conquest when he was fired. He also took this eviction very badly, and, 27 years later, his relatives will tell you, he still bears the scars. 

He remained silent for several years. He limited his public outings and, over time, seeing the team of his life in decline, he chomped at the bit. Serge Savard, as we know, is also a prolific businessman. 

If you have read his book, you know that he is politicized and that he has well-thought-out opinions. If you disagree with him, he will respect your point of view. He loves to chat.

In Montreal, Serge Savard, 76, is an eminence grise of hockey after having been a true leader on the ice and in the offices of the upper floors. We must see the response to his golf invitation as this annual tournament in his name, the profits of which are intended for student athletes at the Université de Sherbrooke, a cause he chose because he would have liked to study for a long time at the when he had to choose between his skates and school books.

Former teammates, former players he managed, former rivals make it a point to respond to this man who won ten Stanley Cups, Canada Cup in 1972 and who built a business empire. This omnium has become a must and $536,000 was raised last Tuesday at the Mirage golf club, of which Serge became a co-owner.


Serge Savard is a well-thought-out, planned success, and after a long time, he began to speak more publicly to help this team to which he was attached from the age of fifteen. 

Not like a mother-in-law, but like a member of the family who was tired of seeing her club looking for itself without finding itself. Serge Savard has indeed demonstrated that he has a recipe for building and he discreetly offered his help, his advice… at worst, his support. 

Never did Marc Bergevin give him a phone call, if only for a lunch on a corner table. Savard had no further news from Geoff Molson and the Canadian remained on the floor. Do you think Serge Savard is looking for a job? No. He wanted to help.

In Boston, when big decisions come, great historical leaders are consulted because the team has a soul that resembles Cam Neely, Harry Sinden. In Pittsburgh, Gilles Meloche and Pierre Larouche are never far from Mario Lemieux. In Tampa, we see Dave Andreychuck, Phil Esposito. In Philadelphia, the Barbers, Clarks and Holmgrens are around, as are the Sittlers, Wendel Clarks and Gilmours in Toronto. They are there out of respect and because they have been quality links.

In Montreal, Serge Savard still has tools in his trunk, but he has never even been given the title of ambassador for his team. When, in the last draft, Jeff Gorton, arriving from New York and Boston, as well as Kent Hugues, originally from the West Island of Montreal, chose a single Quebecer and in the very last round, it had to be understood that Geoff Molson had understood nothing… or at least heard nothing, and in his own backyard. 

From the Enclave 

  • Ken Dryden is prolific and comes with an eighth book to be published shortly. This time the 1972 Series of the Century in which the great goalkeeper played four of eight matches against the Russians, the last of which was a 6-5 win over Canada.
  • Recall. It is forbidden to bait deer (white-tailed deer) before September 1st. However, salt blocking is authorized year-round.
  • Gilbert Delorme is happy to change time slots to 91.9. He leaves the morning show and goes to the segment between 9 and 11 in the morning. Gilbert drives a beautiful 1973 Mustang convertible.
  •  Brendan Morrow, former Dallas Stars left-winger and still married to Anne -Marie Carbonneau (Guy's daughter) is now 43 years old and the couple have a son, Gabriel who, at 20, is entering university. Tempus fugit in tabarnouche!
  • Read Protect Yourself if you are planning to buy an e-bike. The magazine tested 14 different ones.
  •  Michel Bergeron does he play too much golf? The Tiger lost 20 pounds. Stop losing weight, Michel. Next winter, you won't make any more tracks in the snow.
  • In some big tennis tournaments, I didn't know that the balls for men and women were different, especially in Montreal. Did you know?
  • You have to hear the song that Jérôme Charlebois (son of Robert) restructured in memory of Guy Lafleur.< /strong> Jérôme will surely sing it at his show in Saint-Jovite on August 27th. Vibrant.
  • The Russian attack in Ukraine complicates matters on the eve of the 50th anniversary celebrations of the Series of the Century. Players from Russia won't be able to come here and it's out of the question for ours to cross.
  • If Carey Price stops holding Canadiens fans hostage with its 10.5 million per year, it's not me who's going to cry.
  • Happy birthday to the ex-formidable figure skater Josée Chouinard< /strong>. I will never reveal that she was born in…

What's the problem?