What kind of legacy will leave the whale of his visit to Montreal?

Quel héritage laissera la baleine de son passage à Montréal?

Despite the death of the humpback whale found aground Tuesday morning near Varennes, experts believe that his visit to Montreal will be able to produce positive consequences.

The epic story of the cetacean could, in fact, allow for an awareness in the population in relation to the fragility of the river, its ecosystem and the species that live there.

“Let’s hope that the legacy of the passage of this animal will be happy. Many people have read that only 450 kilometres downstream from the pont Jacques-Cartier are living beautiful animals. The more we pay attention to St. Lawrence, the more one pays attention to his fellow brothers and sisters who are in the process of happening in the gulf and the estuary. They will be there in great numbers this summer,” said Robert Michaud, coordinator of the quebec Network of marine mammal emergency response.

According to the first information that can be found in the margin of the autopsy of cetaceans, it would probably have struck a boat before crashing.

Mr. Michaud reiterated that the coexistence of marine mammals and vessels in the St. Lawrence river is difficult and it is an important issue.

“This issue-there has during all the days, all the summers and we address a more and more frontal. It takes steps are all the more important to promote coexistence,” said the specialist.

“Let’s hope that the passage of this whale reminds us that there is life in the magnificent St. Lawrence river. A life fragile, but with which we can coexist if we take care,” concluded Mr. Michaud.

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