What peoples are considered the most beautiful: the result of the survey

A well-known Dating website BeautifulPeople published the results of an interesting survey

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Какие народы считаются самыми красивыми: результат опроса

Norwegians are amongst the most beautiful

Users of the Dating site BeautifulPeople has called the country “the most beautiful people.” According to the rules of the resource, the decision on the admission of a new candidate among the members of the site take already registered users. So, according to them, the more attractive of all the inhabitants of the Nordic countries, reports the Mirror.

“Swedes and Norwegians – the most aesthetically beautiful people in the world. The British men and women worse, especially in men. They are considered the ugliest in the world along with the Russian and Polish”, – said the Executive Director of the site Greg Hodge.

Currently on the website 8.5 million non-admitted candidates. According to the publication, a nation-leader in this group is British. They are followed by Indians, Russians and Filipinos. One of the factors due to which people are “not allowed” on the site include bad skin, big nose, fullness or excessive thinness, thin hair or abundance of body hair.

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