What place for markets during the Olympic Games ? The French Markets Congress facing new issues

What place for markets during the Olympic Games ? The French Markets Congress facing new issues

Plusieurs centaines de participants attendus en trois jours. MIDI LIBRE – NOA ROCHE

Pendant trois jours, à Nîmes, plus de 300 personnes vont se regrouper au musée de la Romanité.

The 102nd congress of the National Federation of Markets of France began Monday February 26. For the first time in 102 years, the congress is setting up shop in Gard. Each year, the national organization of markets, non-sedentary commerce and activities in the public domain "puts on the table all the problems and developments that commerce must live, to continue to live in a good way", explains Francis Palombi, president of the Confederation of French Traders.

Many topics on the table

This congress, "our meetings" according to Jean-Pierre Denis, president of the Union of French Market Traders for Gard, is an opportunity to discuss many hot topics . At the top of the list is the fate of traders at a time when the planet will have its eyes fixed on Paris for the Olympic Games.

"The confederation actively supports the markets towards the ministries, Île-de-France, so that the markets know to what extent they risk being affected. rsquo;be eaten as part of the organization of the Olympic Games", assures Francis Plombi.

The cost of energy in question

He then mentions "shocks" with the government: "Large structures impose their vision, while the economic model of VSEs (very small businesses, Editor's note) is specific with limited resources."  Other points will be actively debated such as the economic situation, the recession, the cost of energy or the political situation in Europe. Jean-Pierre Denis recalls that the main goal is to "find solutions to develop our markets". He ends by mentioning& ;nbsp;"the pride of organizing this congress for the first time in Nîmes".

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