What they bring from trips of the Russian tourists?

Что привозят из поездок российские туристы?

Что привозят из поездок российские туристы?

What they bring from trips of the Russian tourists?

The magnets are still in force!

17 may 2019 13:38

A map service Maps.me together with the research platform Research@mail.ru found that users often bring from trips.

The majority of respondents (69%) selected domestic tourism routes beyond the boundaries of Russia. One in five, on the contrary, just goes abroad, the most popular trips among young people (under 35 years). 12% travel both domestically and abroad.

Most often, the Russian tourists bring from travel Souvenirs (figurines of iconic buildings, plates, etc.) that makes 60% of the respondents. 57% prefer the magnets on the fridge. Top 3 food: every third Respondent (34%) admitted that travelling brings out cheese, ham, chocolate and other products. Also the Russians are buying clothes (32%), alcohol (31%) and jewelry (29%). Book travel acquire 17% of respondents, while 8 percent said they take home medication.

In some categories the respondents ‘ answers differed greatly depending on where they went to last year – in Russia or abroad. For example, among those who traveled abroad, fans to smuggle in a suitcase of cheese and other foods much more (44%) than among the supporters of domestic tourism (34%).

Alcohol brought 42% travelled abroad and 29% travelled to Russia; clothes – 44% and 31%, respectively. Also fans of foreign travel more often than “domestic tourists”, purchase decorations (39% vs. 28%) and drugs (14% vs. 7%).

The survey involved 2,700 users who visited the journey at least once in the past 12 months.

Maps.me – a free service that provides offline maps and navigation for mobile devices based on data from the OpenStreetMap (OSM).

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