What to give for mother’s Day 2019: the best options of gifts mom

Interesting ideas for gift to mother on mother’s Day 2019: choose the most suitable

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Что подарить на День матери 2019: самые лучшие варианты подарков маме

Mother’s day in 2019 is celebrated on may 12.

What a gift to give mom for mother’s Day, hand made or purchased, to please her? After all, moms want to present the most expensive and the best that there is in the world. And to inspire you we have created a small selection of surprises and gifts for moms on mother’s Day that will appeal to a loved one.

Recall, usually mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in may: this time on the street celebrates the spring, so the occasion becomes even brighter. In 2019, this day falls on 12 may.

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But in any case do not forget to send by email, or social networks mother a postcard with greetings in verse or in prose in your own words.

What to give for mother’s Day – TOP 14 ideas

  1. Cosmetics;
  2. A bouquet of flowers;
  3. Vases;
  4. Home decor (statues, painting, textiles);
  5. Utensils;
  6. Album for your photos;
  7. Cards;
  8. Decorations;
  9. Clothing, footwear;
  10. Gadgets, equipment (phone, tablet, laptop);
  11. Self-prepared dinners;
  12. Hand-made gift for mother’s day with your own hands;
  13. Journey;
  14. The solution of the problem (to repay the loan, paying utilities, to repair something, for example).

Recall that mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of may in most European countries, Canada, China and Japan.

The holiday was established in one of the States of the United States in 1910. Its initiator was a young American woman, Anna Jervis, who early lost her mother. For three years she spoke at many public institutions, politicians and officials, until finally it was heard.

After the USA the second Sunday of may declared a holiday of 23 countries (including Bahrain, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Nicaragua, United Arab Emirates,Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Australia, Ukraine, Estonia, etc.), and more than thirty other celebrate on other days.

Earlier, we told what weekends and holidays will be in may 2019 in Ukraine.

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