What to give the children the best ideas for the holiday

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Что подарить детям: лучшие идеи для праздника

What to give a child

What to give children of different ages so they were really happy about your gift, and were contented and happy, and to go to miss on the shelf to his fellows, presented earlier?

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Today’s kids are very discerning to the gifts, they are well-versed in toys and gadgets, so surprising them can be difficult. But attentive and caring parents are always able to guess what dreams of their baby and what gift he will be incredibly happy.

To give her daughter a doll? If she’s 12th in a row, but very desirable, then still all right. But the 35-th doll is definitely not worth buying. And whether or not the boy to give the machine, which in an hour will fall off the wheel? Apparently not. What to please and what to give the child the holiday? Read our helpful tips.

What to give the children a soft toy

Что подарить детям: лучшие идеи для праздника

What to give a child

Just not ready boring static version of the bear. Give the kid a soft toy exploded semi-finished product, which is yet to gather together, to sew and to draw. Look at the various ready-made kits for DIY. Such gifts for kids Wake up their creativity and desire to make. If the daughter or son is still too small, sew the toy together sessions with parents make you closer and delight children.

What to give to children: Board games

And be sure to play with the whole family. Ranging from classic checkers, chess, bingo, dominoes and ending with beyblades and even puzzle – any table games are valuable not for its boxes and symbols, and above all, a common team spirit and the possibility of a joint fun day.

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What to give the children books

It is not enough just to reveal to the kid the book with pictures. It is important to show him his attitude to the book and from early childhood to instill a love of reading. Take, for example, a mandatory ritual of reading at night, and then the kid with pleasure will wait for these moments, and each new book will be a celebration. Useful if the book has pages for children’s drawings and inscriptions.

What to give the children sports equipment

Что подарить детям: лучшие идеи для праздника

What to give a child

One of the parents dreams of their child growing up active, healthy, athletic? Give the sporting toys and shells. This can be a choice of a ball, hockey stick, badminton, dumbbell, punching bag, mask and fins, boomerang, kite, skate, bike, swing and a sports area.

What to give the children gadgets

Though many parents strive to lead the child from the idea of a whole day of hanging in the phone or the computer, but technology nowadays can’t go anywhere. Be sure that Teens themselves will tell you the best gift idea for yourself. And it will be dictated by the latest technologies: tablet, iPhone, camera, headphones, etc.

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