What to present for March, 8: TOP 5 ideas stylish gifts

A list of interesting gifts for girls on March 8

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Spring is a wonderful time of year to surprise your girl with something bright and inspiring! Because women love surprises and men’s attention, a holiday March 8 – excellent for this reason. In order to make your girl happy, and not sent you to change the present (at best!), pay attention to a few tips from us. In anticipation of the holiday edition Today.Lifestyle has prepared tips for menwho want to please his beloved.

What to give for March 8: new pair of shoes

“Give the woman a good pair of shoes and she will conquer the world!” – so said the American actress Marilyn Monroe. Indeed, how can women, when they are confident! Give this confidence of the beloved in the form of a new pair of bright shoes. Such a gift is always appropriate, and your beloved will tell the world what you are she has a caring man. Only do not stint: a good pair of shoes is not cheap, but will last her mistress for a long time. And to guess the brand, casually ask your beloved what kind of shoes she likes.

Что подарить на 8 Марта: ТОП-5 идей стильных подарков

What to give for March 8

What to present for March, 8: underwear

Luxury lingerie – always a win-win gift on March 8! No girl will not remain indifferent at the sight of the new lace sets.

You’ll surprise your partner, if you choose a bustier of the Swarovski translucent mesh, featuring a lace bodice from the brand Сonte. Lingerie fascinates from the first seconds, is just trying it on. For mysterious girls perfect bra Enigma. Elastic embroidery with expressive ornament, combined with the striking colour combination will give the image of elegance. But underwear Fleur is a great option for gentle and romantic natures. A large image of a flower that is inherent in each model series is one of the trendy areas of the underwear fashion this season. And all this combined with a silky fabric and pleasant to the body lace.

Bustier SwarovskiФото: conteshopБюстгальтер Admitto: conteshopНижнее linen FleurФото: conteshop1/3

In order not to miscalculate the size of underwear, peeped it on the tag of the bra and panties in advance. Or gift certificate for the purchase of linen, which can also be purchased in stores Сonte.

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What to present for March, 8: trendy gadget

Giving is not just pleasant, but also useful gifts. If you have the financial possibilities, pay attention to the smartphone from the new line of iPhone/Samsung or a slim and compact laptop which is convenient to take with you to meetings or on trips. In addition, great gift for girls will be affordable fitness tracker, wireless headphones and miniature speaker with great sound.

What to give for March 8: a joint weekend

Time spent together is precious and will forever remain in memory. Therefore, if your favorite a lot of work and no time to relax, or you have never traveled anywhere together, or your relationship slowly eats routine – treat weekend in a romantic place! It’s a great excuse to relax together, to experience new emotions, and be inspired by the nature surrounding us. You can organize a short trip to one of the countries of Europe, where close to fly or embark on a countryside property where you can enjoy the fresh air. Moreover, this year we are waiting for a long weekend on March 8.

Что подарить на 8 Марта: ТОП-5 идей стильных подарков

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What to present for March, 8: beauty box

Elegant “box” beauty will certainly delight any woman.
Cosmetics is the best friend of the girl, and all those lovely bottles of “delicious” fillings lead her into raptures, and it is inexplicable. Girl loves to take care of your you and feel attractive. And every beauty box includes a variety of miniatures professional cosmetics and luxury to the probe means. What can be better than such a gift on March 8?

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