What to watch on tv on Saturday?

Quoi regarder à la télé samedi?

MONTREAL – Here are some suggestions of shows and movies to watch on tv on French-language channels on Saturday, July 4:

“Outside Of Quebec”

This issue gives the floor to the new faces of the canadian francophonie outside Québec, meeting of the communities that are adapted to live in their language and culture in everyday life. Saturday, 12: 30 p.m., TVA.

“Get out of the picture – nudists are rhabillent”

In the era of social networks, where reigns the tyranny of beauty standards, naturism seems to be one of the initiatives to counteract this trend and to accept his body. This documentary goes to meet the people who make fun of the standards body and welcome the diversity. Saturday, 13 h, ICI Radio-Canada Télé.

“Addicted to the renovations”

Nicole Curtis is continuing the renovations in the home 14 Mile of 1920. She wants to add a toilet. Will she succeed in giving an original look to the beginning of the century in these parts in 50 years? Saturday, 13 h, CASA.

“Born July 4”

Injured in combat during the Vietnam war and paralyzed for life, Ron Kovic (Tom Cruise), born 4 July, the day of the national day of the american, returns to the country and engages in a fierce activism against the war. Saturday, 16: 20, Cinépop.


Boucar Diouf part in the discovery of the peppers and chillies grown on the soil of quebec. Their consumption, and the diversity of species developed as immigration. The facilitator also meets with producers of hot sauce in quebec, a market in expansion. Saturday, 17 h, Explora.

“A season at the zoo”

It follows zoo keepers, vets, managers of accommodation and gardeners of the zoological Park of la Flèche. Sabrina and Antoine need to do is enter Tchanga, the female fishing cat that Cyril must examine. Dawn and Joan have decided to take a bath in a turtle anorexic because they think that this can relax… Saturday, 18 h, TV5.

“Independence Day: Resurgence”

Twenty years after their defeat against the humans, the aliens threaten the earth again. To protect themselves, all the nations have collaborated on a programme of defence is colossal. With Liam Hemsworth and Jeff Goldblum. Saturday, 18: 30, V.

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