What to watch on tv on Sunday?

Quoi regarder à la télévision dimanche?

MONTREAL – In this confinement period, here are some suggestions of shows and movies to watch on tv on French-language channels on Sunday, may 31.

“RPM +”

The appointment of the true motoring enthusiasts. At the approach of summer, the columnist Caroline Gingras reminds us of the rules to follow for living road successful between cyclists, motorists, motorcyclists and pedestrians. Sunday, 11 a.m., V.

“Treasure hunters”

An antique dealer and a trafficker of art join forces to stop a terrorist who funds its attacks looting of treasures. With Lexi Vaziri, Aiden Shaw, Gwen Karisson and Simon Hardwick. Sunday, 12 h, Escape.

Cinema special soccer

Yoopa spends his day on Sunday to one of the favorite sports of young people, the soccer, by broadcasting a series and three movies that are related to it. In “Kicks” (burst of 13 h to 17 h 15), a kid of 12 years is forced to move to California with her family and joins the local football team. In “Right purpose”, a young, passionate science wants to spend the summer in the sea but finds himself in a soccer team in Australia. In “Her best shot”, a 15 year old girl is torn between his desire to integrate the women’s national team of football, his family and his boyfriend. Finally, in “Gracie”, a young woman whose brother ace football comes to die, struggles to integrate into the team of the school. Sunday, from 13 h, Yoopa.

“Heart and arms”

Hugo Girard and Valérie Taillefer hit the road to help families in need, and “renovate” their life a bit. Sunday, 16 h, CASA.

“The intern”

Comedy starring Robert De Niro, Anne Hathaway, and Rene Russo. Tired of retirement, a widower of 70 years becomes trainee for a site internet mode, led by a thirty-year-old. Sunday, 20 h, VAT.

“The galley”

The third season (originally aired on Radio-Canada in 2009) continues. Claude (Anne Casabonne) announces Antoine (Gabriel Sabourin) that she is pregnant. Isabelle (Geneviève Rochette) gives the most important interview of his campaign. Mimi (Brigitte Lafleur), who wants to go join Dominique (Marc Paquet), in Rome, was scolded by her gynecologist for the lack of monitoring of her pregnancy. Sunday, 20: 30, united States TV.

“Where are you?”

Marie-Claude Barrette is interested in the tragic story of Christiane Sirois, who lives a nightmare since 1984, while her eight year old son, Sebastian, has been removed. Two other children have also disappeared on the same day. Sebastien is still missing the call today, but what lessons have driven the authorities to this serious event? Sunday, 22 h, VAT.

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