What to watch on tv on Sunday?

Quoi regarder à la télé dimanche?

MONTREAL | Here’s a few suggestions of shows and movies to watch on tv on French-language channels on Sunday 7 June.

The great library

For this special “crime fiction”, François Busnel offers a “master class” with John Le Carré, one of the greatest contemporary writers of spy novels. The facilitator also hosts on its plateau Joël Dicker, lawyer and novelist, Hannelore Cayre, the head of the Brigade of research and intervention of Paris, Christophe Molmy, as well as Joseph Incardona.

Sunday, 10am, TV5

Téléthon Opération Enfant Soleil

Due to the pandemic, this edition will be presented in a formula reinvented, and without an audience. The broadcast will be in rotation on Facebook and VAT. Thirty artists are expected to participate, because the goal is always to collect the most money possible for the sick children in Quebec.

Sunday, 12: 30 and 18: 30, VAT.

Chills I, II and III

Evening of horror with the release of the first three components of the series Chills (Scream), Wes Craven’s. This franchise marked a turning point for the genre horror, creating a mixture of styles, and have above all a decline in the amused, to the limit of satire, on the subject.

Sunday, 17h35, Cinépop.

Union Philadelphia c. Impact Montreal

On August 12, 2017, the Montreal Impact won an important game in the face of the Union of Philadelphia, with a victory of 3-0. The Quebec Samuel Piette had, this evening, early flamboyant in montreal.

Sunday, 19h, TVA Sports.


In this first film of the director François Ozon, the peaceful existence and row of a middle-class family is going to be completely turned upside down by the arrival of a cute white rat that the father brings home. The contact of this little animal, the lowest instincts of each member of the family will be.

Sunday, 20h, Studio Canal.

Denis Drolet

First part of the fourth show of Denis Drolet, waiting for the nice weather. Specialist of the absurd, the duo delivers us its observations necessarily offset in the current society.

Sunday, 21h, ICI Radio-Canada Télé.


The presenter and globe-trotter Jean-Michel Péloquin is found in Asia to meet three expatriates moving stories. We will make the acquaintance of Vanessa Schwarz, master diver in Thailand, Ariane Desgagnés-Leclerc, actress-host in Seoul, and Sylvain Gagnon jazz musician in Hong Kong.

Sunday, 21h, CASA.

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