What to watch on tv on Sunday?

Quoi regarder à la télé dimanche?

Here are a few suggestions of shows and movies to watch on tv on French-language channels on Sunday 12 July.


Saskia Thuot welcomes Jean-Philippe Dion for talking about the importance of listening in the life. The host and producer knows something, who often receives confidences amazing in the show The true nature.

Sunday, 13: 30, VAT.

Tender fight

Hillary Kramer (Barbra Streisand), a parfumeuse in disarray and on the brink of ruin, decides to take the boxer Eddy Scanion (Ryan O’neal) under his wing to try to bail it out financially.

Sunday, 15h, Taken 2.

Play hard

This three-part series offers a unique behind-the-scenes of the big video game studios. The creative Jason, the producer Stéphane and chief marketing officer Luc will have to work together to develop a new game.

The three episodes will be broadcast at the following. Sunday, 16h, and Télé-Québec.


The abduction of queen Helen (Diane Kruger) by Paris (Orlando Bloom), a young prince of Troy, triggering the war. The outcome of this confrontation will depend solely on the will of Achilles (Brad Pitt), the greatest warrior of his time, but also rebellious and arrogant.

Sunday, 16: 30, V.

The America of Michel Barrette

In the company of Mario Jean, Michel Barrette talks about his passion for the Second world War. Even if they are pacifists, humorists are impressed by the military engineering of the time.

Sunday, 21h, Télé-Québec.

Museum Eden

Replay of the first season of this wonderful historical series featuring the Montreal in 1910. Camille (Mariloup Wolfe) and Florence Courval (Laurence Leboeuf) take knowledge of the will of their uncle Felix, who was recently assassinated. He leaves the Museum garden of Eden, where there is an exhibition of wax statues.

Sunday, 21: 30, united States TV.

Taboos and forbidden

Christian Laurence travels in Iceland, where the influence of the lutheran Church is still very present in society. Proud of their customs, the Icelanders are opposed even to world opinion by refusing to ban the hunting of the whale.

Sunday, 23h01, TV5.

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