What to watch on tv on Tuesday?

Quoi regarder à la télé mardi?

MONTREAL – Here are some suggestions of shows and movies to watch on tv on French-language channels on Tuesday, June 23:

– “Hochelaga, the land of the souls”

In Montreal, a football match is stopped following a landslide. The hole will become an archaeological site where many secrets of the past will be uncovered. So, 750 years of history will burst out instantly with its iconic characters. Tuesday, 10 a.m., Artv.

– “99 yearning to Escape : New Orleans”

Martin Juneau travels to New Orleans to discover both its rich past and its wonders gourmet. For this first day, he will visit the historic centre of the city, the Old French quarter where one finds the legendary Bourbon Street, which hosts the traditional parades of Mardi gras, Jackson Square and the unmissable Café du monde with its coffee with hot milk and fritters. Tuesday, 15 h, Escape.

– “The tall blond with one black shoe”

François Perrin (Pierre Richard) is a modest violinist was a bit moody. He will be recruited by the deputy of Toulouse (Jean Rochefort), the head of the secret service, to play the role of a spy international. The film will be followed by “the return of The tall blond,” with the same characters. Tuesday, 15: 20, Cinépop.

– “Sweet and salty”

To mark the 20th anniversary of the death of Dédé Fortin, Patrice Bélanger receives Émile Bilodeau. Félix-Antoine Tremblay is going to meet Didier Lucien, a spokesperson for the national day celebrations of Quebec. Marie-Christine Proulx invites at Gino Chouinard to celebrate the beginning of his vacation. Tuesday, 18 h 30, VAT.

– “I eats”

Stéphane Bellavance wants to eat health. Bernard Lavallée will start by demystifying the diet in all genres, highlighting the importance of mental health for a healthy and balanced diet. Eat health goes beyond the food that we consume. On the menu : poutine vegan, a bread pudding and a pizza family. Tuesday, 19: 30, Télé-Québec.

– “All of Quebec, in unison”

The grand spectacle de la Fête nationale du Québec promises to be unique in its kind. Recorded at the Amphitheatre Cogeco in Trois-Rivières, it will be over forty artists and three symphony orchestras succeed during the evening, while Pierre Lapointe and Ariane Moffatt make the animation. Tuesday, 20 h, TVA, Radio-Canada, V and Télé-Québec.

– “Iron throne”

The beginning of the fifth season. Following the death of his father, Cersei (Lena Headey) blame his brother for having allowed this death freeing Tyrion (Peter Dinklage). At the Wall, Jon Snow (Kit Harington) receives a sensitive mission: to persuade Mance Rayder (Ciarán Hinds) to acknowledge him as king and lead to his side with the Wildlings to Winterfell… Tuesday, 21 h, Z.

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