What to watch on tv on Tuesday?

Quoi regarder à la télévision mardi?

MONTREAL – In this confinement period, here are some suggestions of shows and movies to watch on tv on French-language channels on Tuesday 26 may.

“The blue butterfly”

Film by Léa Pool also famous for its theme song performed by Marie-Élaine Thibert for his moving story, that of a boy suffering from an incurable cancer, who want to add a very rare species, the morpho blue, his collection of butterflies before they die. With his mother, played by Pascale Bussières, and the famed entomologist Alan Osborne (William Hurt) –a character inspired by the deceased Georges Brossard – the child will leave in the tropical rain forest to achieve his dream. Tuesday, 6 o’clock, Cinépop.

“The hunter”

Drama australian Daniel Nettheim with Willem Dafoe, Frances O’connor and Sam Neill. A bounty hunter american tries to capture a tiger of Tasmania on behalf of a mysterious client. Tuesday, 18h, addikTV.

“It’s going to go well”

This is the last week of “It’s going to go well” to VAT. On Tuesday, Patrice Bélanger, who will take up the slack in terms of cultural program daily with “Sweet and salty” as of 8 June, will give an interview to Fabien Cloutier and Marie-Soleil Dion from the loft which will be used as decor all throughout the summer. We also have a right to a meeting with Richard Séguin in his village, Saint-Venant, in the eastern Townships, and the singer will provide a musical performance. Tuesday, 19h, VAT.

“Beauties loopholes”

Beth Ann (Ginnifer Goodwin) plays a dangerous game and is getting closer to April (Sadie Calvano), the mistress of Rob (Sam Jaeger). The young woman was persuaded to test the cannabis and spends an evening to be interesting at a dinner party hosted by the boss of her husband. Tuesday, 20h, ICI Radio-Canada Télé.

“In the eyes of Olivier”

Documentary by Olivier Delacroix on sexual violence at work. In France, one in five women claimed to have been the victim of sexual harassment at the workplace, but only one in a hundred dares to engage in legal proceedings. Three women, Helen, Amanda, and Laurence tell their story. Tuesday, 20: 30, TV5.

“When Benoit is in there”

A novelty frankly sympathetic Zest, conducted by a Benoit Roberge casual, who is invited into restaurants to discover, anywhere in the province. Eat mexican at Alma and learn the specialities, tasty a good table of Val-David, this is the menu that we propose in this first appointment. Tuesday, 21h, Zest.

“First line : every second counts”

Last season, this fascinating docu-reality, that took us all winter in the daily lives of the dispatchers of the 911. This week, a young person had been attacked in his home, a man concerned about his family, citing his will and testament, and a collision between two cars alert passers-by. Tuesday, 22h, ME AND CO.

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