What to watch on tv Thursday?

Quoi regarder à la télé jeudi?

MONTREAL – Here are some suggestions of shows and movies to watch on tv on French-language channels on Thursday, 16 July:


The former criminal Sébastien Carda is still suspected of murder. The wife of a bar owner murdered provides the recognize. While it’s hard to separate his private and professional life, Julie (Fanny Mallette) is going to have to solve this puzzle. At the same time, Maxim (Éric Bruneau) in the search of the owner of the plane, remotely piloted, which attracted his younger brother. Thursday, 14 h, VAT.

“Maurice Richard”

Beautiful biopic on the life, ascension and career of the legendary hockey player, Maurice Richard. With Roy Dupuis, Julie Le Breton, Patrice Robitaille, Michel Barrette… Thursday, 15: 05, Cinépop.

“Impact Vs Toronto”

It is match day for players of the Montreal Impact who are facing the team of Toronto FC, the ESPN Wide World of Sports. A meeting which promises to be a decisive factor for the players of Thierry Henry if they want to qualify for the knock-out stage. Thursday, 19: 30 p.m., TVA Sports

“Judge Dredd”

In 2139, when the planet has been ravaged by terrible atomic wars, judge Dredd (Sylvester Stallone) is going to be unjustly accused of murder. It will then apply to remove the conspiracy, hatched by Rico, a former judge that he himself had fined several years ago. Thursday, 20 h, V.

“Women in the mafia”

Trevor McDonald travels to the United States to meet the women, girls and girlfriends of mafia members. In the two episodes today, it will first make the acquaintance of the daughter of a hitman who reveals to him that he had already been caught in a conflict between rival clans. It will then take news of ex-mafioso living in seclusion, with their wives, to escape their former friends. Thursday, 20 h, Investigation.

“Good Evening, Good Evening”

To finish the week, Jean-Philippe Wauthier is with Pierre Hébert. He also received the journalist Simon Durivage, and the duo Milk & Bone, while Christine Morency and Paul Houde come take a ride on the plateau. Thursday, 21 h, ICI Radio-Canada Télé.


New French series that tells the daily lives of four nurses. Gabrielle (Anne Parillaud), Florence (Frédérique Bel), Sofia (Barbara Cabrita) and Tiphaine (Florence

Coste) are dedicated women who save lives in the emergency surgical hospital Flemming, but in return, few people take care of themselves. Thursday, 22 h, TV5.

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