What to watch this week in cinema from 23 to 27 September: trailer

On the screen comes the film adaptation of the novel of Tartt Donna the Goldfinch

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Что посмотреть на этой неделе в кино 23-27 сентября: киноафиша

A scene from the movie “the Goldfinch”

In Ukrainian cinemas from 26 September, you can watch the six new premieres: the drama “the Goldfinch”, the drama “Eyes of dogs”, Thriller, “Nomis”, the Comedy “can You keep a secret?”, the horror movie “Curse “Mary” and crime drama “Cocaine Baron”.

Offer a movie poster of the Prime Minister this week – read, what to watch in the cinema this week, September 23-27.

“The goldfinch”

It is based on the novel of Donna Tartt. In the story, Theodore Decker was only 13, when he and his mother became the victim of a terrorist attack at the Metropolitan Museum of art. The boy’s mother died, since his life will never be carefree. He suffers guilt, and the consciousness rests on a small piece of that day – the painting of a goldfinch, chained to the ledge. One day, Theo met with one dying old man who gives him a picture of Karel Fabricius and mysterious ring. Now the guy has a kind of entry ticket to the underground art world.

“The dog’s eyes/Incredible the world through the eyes of Enzo”

The film is an adaptation of the novel “Racing on wet pavement” Garth Stein. The main character is a dog, Enzo (a dog voiced by Kevin costner), who lives with the driver Danny. The Enzo has an opinion about other people, in a special way it applies to the lesson of his master and his girlfriend eve.

“Nomis/Play Hannibal”

In the story, detective Marshall is working on a difficult case – finding a criminal who kidnaps and kills girls. He manages to catch the killer, a man called Simon. It soon becomes clear that he has a dissociative disorder, namely, in one body of several individuals. One of them is Hannibal Lector. But despite the fact that the offender found, the crimes continue. Marshall seems that Simon invented identity actually exist and are with the police, his dangerous game.

“Can you keep a secret?”

This adaptation of the acclaimed novel by Sophie Kinsella. Well, some women are no secrets? Is there someone with whom she can share them? Emma inadvertently shares his little secrets with a random, but very cute companion in the plane. Very quickly it turns out that the world is small, and you can’t be sure that the person you allegedly see in the first and last time will not appear in your life again. Now, Emma can’t feel safe, because Jack knows too much and use the information he can at any time.

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“The Curse, “Mary”

Sensational horror game in which the main role was played by Gary Oldman. In the story, David Greer wants to do business in the field of transportation, and buys at auction a boat. “Mary.” Before you put it into action, he takes his family: wife Sarah and daughters Lindsay and Mary, and goes on the yacht “Mary” a little trip. But the next boat sails in the open sea, the terrible events that happen on Board.

“Cocaine Baron”

A large consignment of drugs went from Mexico to Canada through the United States. When coke suddenly disappears, the head of a drug cartel Boss goes in search of missing two of his best hounds: a Cook and a human trafficker Man. It turns out that the package was intercepted by law enforcement. The journey promises to be extremely dangerous, but only this tandem can solve the problem. This Duo have to escape from Federal agents, “colleagues”bandits, couriers and other unpleasant personalities.

We will remind, last week the Ukrainian rolling out films such as the Thriller “To the stars”, the Ukrainian film “Fokster and Max,” the gunman “Rambo 5: Last blood” with Sylvester Stallone in the title role, the political Thriller “Dangerous secrets” and the documentary Ron Howard’s “Pavarotti”.

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