What was hiding in the silence of Trudeau

Ce que cachait le silence de Trudeau

Even if all Canadians were found to be very long-the silence of Justin Trudeau, 21 seconds, it is rather short to hide as impotence.

Our prime minister is smart enough to know that, in the face of the United States, he has both hands tied behind their backs and that any act of rebellion could prompt Washington to apply the knee against the nape of the neck.

Our prime ministers have always approached the United States with extreme caution. Ironically, it is the father of Justin who has shown the greatest pre-paid post to them. Jean Chrétien also during the war in Iraq. But neither papa Trudeau or the p’tit gars de Shawinigan have had to deal with a president it is considered rude and vengeful as Donald Trump.

If it was simply to denounce the racism of the Americans following the death of George Floyd, the silence of Justin would have been able to be of short duration, as he never hesitated to denounce racism, even the one that exists in our country. If his silence was too long, it is that the dispute with the United States continues to increase, and that he leaves us all speechless.


30 days of the entry into force of the ACEUM (the fragile free trade agreement United States–Canada–Mexico), Justin Trudeau could not afford to stir the pot, and go a devise declaration. Can be knew already what was to follow in the afternoon. The media point of Trudeau barely finished, Robert Lighthizer, the “bully” of Washington in the sphere of trade, announced a charge against the countries that want to tax the giants of the net.

Last year, Paris has adopted a law requiring these giants to the tune of 3 % of their income earned in France. Under chapter 301 of the u.s. Law of 1974 on the trade, the president, Donald Trump was so authorized, in retaliation, to impose on the wine, cheese and other French products tariffs of up to 100 %. Paris capitulated in January and suspended its law to submit to the taxation which should be the OECD. The 36 member countries (including the Us.U.) must reach an agreement by October.


Lighthizer announced, Tuesday, that the president will impose the same medicine in Brazil, England, the Czech Republic, India, Indonesia, Italy, Spain, and Turkey if they persist in wanting to impose the giants of the net.

As if all these considerations were not sufficient to fill the silence of Trudeau, he had just learned that the QST, which is imposed by the giants of the net, had reported to the Quebec the sum of $ 128 million from January 2019. For the time being, 559 companies doing business on the net receive the QST. During this time, Ottawa has not yet dared to ask foreign companies to the net to collect GST. To the detriment of canadian carriers who are required to receive it.

Last September, in full electoral campaign, the prime minister was committed to impose the giants of the net at a rate of 3 % of their income canadians from the 1st of April of this year. In the aftermath, the other party leaders had made the same promise.

After his long silence on Tuesday, the prime minister has had to have a big headache.

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