When a wound is hunting the other

Quand une plaie chasse l’autre

With its millions of cases of by the world and its 340 000 deaths, it is moved to see anything positive in the pandemic that afflicts us all. Yet, the distancing physics and a new obsession for cleanliness should help to give a bit of charm to the world tourism.

The closure of borders and bans on flights have been kneeling the airline industry. By comparing the past six weeks in the last year, just a plane on the three took off. And according to OAG Aviation Worldwide, nearly nine seats out of ten were only available on domestic flights.

Overall, analysts estimate that airlines will lose us $ 314 billion dollars this year. And the world Council of travel and tourism has calculated that 100 million jobs will be lost in this industry because of the sars coronavirus.

We will suffer everywhere where tourism revenues are helping to fill the coffers of the States, but probably nowhere else as in the Caribbean where the alternative for visitors is limited ; and 86 % of the GDP of the island of Aruba, for example, comes from tourism.


In consideration, since a good moment in many places, travel has lost all its appeal. More possible to enjoy Dubrovnik, the most beautiful city of the adriatic coast, with the masses of vacationers who are upset and the employees at the Louvre, two years ago, issued a manifesto to denounce the insults and the aggressions of visitors are ever more numerous ; the Machu Picchu has nothing more sacred with 5000 tourists who go up and down the steps of the ancient inca city each day.

The tourism industry boasts about the jobs it creates, but – let’s be frank – it distorts all that it touches. Cruise ships, ever more huge, have debased Venice with the millions of travelers that they end up there. You have to listen to the citizens of Barcelona to understand the devastating effect of Airbnb on the access to housing. And that’s without mentioning the chain stunning souvenir shops, creperies, and other traps tourists in every place with a little character.


The surtourisme is nothing new : theOxford English Dictionary made it their word of the year in 2018. The resistance, therefore, has not waited for the terror inspired by the Covid-19 to begin to organize. Venice imposes a ” tax “landing” of up to 10 euros (15 $) each passenger ship.

Amsterdam has adopted a series of measures to stop the invasion of the Leidseplein, the Rembrandtplein and its ” red-light district “, where many party-goers finished the evening by throwing up in a corner or pissing in the canals. Even the managers of the famous hiking trails of Cinque Terre on the Italian riviera are made, prohibiting the sandals and flip-flops. With 2.5 million holiday makers to 4000 inhabitants, the frequentation takes here all its sense.

When it comes, as in Sardinia, to describe the arrival of the travellers as ” the barbarian invasions “, it is that one is at the end. Less crowded because of the virus, this will not be the worse for it.

Tourists, it is well. Too, is too !

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