When Agniel has the flame

When Agniel has the flame

Olivier Slusarska PDG du groupe Agniel et ses collaborateurs ont pu poser le temps d’une photo avec le flambeau olympique. Mid Libre – F. A.

The Olympic torch tours Alesian businesses.

When Montpellier won the Top 14 final two years ago, the Agniel company, located in the Rieu district of Alès, received the Brennus Shield.< /p>

This Monday afternoon, it was one of the 2,000 Olympic torches used by the flame bearers which came to the headquarters of the Alesian company .

Marie Dillon and Thierry Solignac, executives of the Banque populaire du Sud, one of the main sponsors of the Torch Relay, tour their clients to present this steel object to them, 70 cm for one and a half kilos, made in France. "It’is not common to be able to see this object and, above all, to have it in your hands."

Many employees took the opportunity to immortalize this moment. "We toured the companies that depend on our business center. We notably went to Leclerc, Laganier or to La Grange de Nathalie."

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