When all the colors of circus arts come to the neighborhoods of Alès

When all the colors of circus arts come to the neighborhoods of Alès

Les jongleurs seront de la partie pour faire profiter les familles. Midi Libre – STEPHANE BARBIER

Le festival Color Circus, porté par le pôle national du cirque de La Verrerie se découvre dans trois quartiers d’Alès du 10 au 12 avril.

Like spring waking up and offering its range of gradients, Color Circus marks the return of colorful circus arts to the streets.

It is with a desire for color that this festival, supported by the national center of the circus of the Verrerie d’Alès, takes place during the first week of the holidays, from 10 to 12 ;nbsp;April.

For young people, and neighborhoods

Open to all in the open air and completely free (because financed by several communities including the City, Alès Agglo and the Department of Gard), Color Circus offers a whole series of demonstrations to allow young people and children to discover the arts circus artists.

Every day, the artists of the Salto troupe, but also the acrobats of the G.Bistaki troupe, the dancers of All’Style (Hip-Hop) or the skateboarders of Lo Wheels will perform some choreographies for everyone to see, then invite anyone in the audience to try their hand at their disciplines. "It’is a festival of practices, summarizes Sylviane Manuel, director of La Verrerie. This is not a place where we go to see a show, but where we also go to practice, to be part of the show!"

Also a way of consolidating the links between the arts and the eyes that look at them. "The diversity of audiences, the meetings, the sharing is the link that motivates us to keep this festival going, continues SYlviane Manuel. What is the point of culture otherwise ? Through it, we go towards the other, but we also go towards ourselves."< /em>

There is also the obvious interest of making all the work that comes out of La Verrerie better known and showing that it is not reserved for ;rsquo;to a minority. Failing to go see a residency outing at the national center, "a young person that we will meet at Color may then want to go and discover Salto&quot ;, hopes Sylviane Manuel. The school is, naturally, in the same buildings as the national circus center.

Three days, three districts

Each day of the festival, Color Circus changes location to diversify its meetings. Wednesday April 10: Cévennes district (house for all and rue de la Judie). Thursday April 11: city center (Bosquet park). Friday April 12: Rochebelle district (rue des Érables). The festival is held, à each time, from 2 p.m.  30 à 5:30 p.m. Workshops accessible from 10 years old. The young participants will, with their consent, be filmed during their performances as part of a video project.

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