When and on which channel to follow the matches of Antoine Dupont and the French rugby sevens team in Los Angeles

When and on which channel to follow the matches of Antoine Dupont and the French rugby sevens team in Los Angeles

After Canada, direction Los Angeles for Antoine Dupont and the French rugby sevens team. MAXPPP – Ethan Cairns

After his successful debut in Vancouver (Canada), Antoine Dupont and the French sevens rugby teams continue with the Los Angeles world circuit tournament from Friday March 1 to Sunday March 3, still with the Olympic objective in mind. head.

Highly anticipated for his debut at Sevens, rugby union star Antoine Dupont had to deal with a substitute status in Canada, but quickly distinguished himself by snatching qualification for the semi-finals, before shining for secure 3rd place, the best for the Blues in four tournaments this year.

The French women fell in the final against Australia, consolidating their place among the three best nations in the world (with New Zealand), enough to seriously dream of a medal at the Olympic Games from Paris (July 26 – August 11).

Hunted by the soccer kids

On Wednesday, the French enjoyed a quiet training session under the sun but in the wind in Torrance, south of the City of Angels. After scales and some oppositions without too much intensity, "Toto" Dupont and the Blues were gently chased off the synthetic pitch by a horde of toddlers from the soccer school. (football) local.

"We are preparing for the Olympic Games through the +HSBC seven+ (world circuit), which allows us to know the opponents even better, to have more technical bases on our game systems and to be more demanding", explained captain Paulin Riva.

Canada, Great Britain and Fiji on the program

The Blues will begin their competition against Canada on the night of Friday to Saturday (4:16 a.m.) before continuing against Great Britain (which brings together English, Scottish and Welsh players) on Saturday March 2 at 6:52 p.m. Then comes the clash against the double Fijian Olympic champions on Saturday evening (11:22 p.m.).

If they come out of this very strong group, Antoine Dupont and his teammates will compete in the quarter-finals. The Blues will play during the night from Saturday to Sunday (quarter kick-offs at 4:26 a.m., 4:48 a.m., 5:10 a.m. and 5:32 a.m.). If they reach the semi-finals, it will be Sunday evening (11:06 p.m. or 11:30 p.m.). In the event of a possible final, kick-off at 3:32 a.m. on the night of Sunday to Monday.

These matches can be followed live on the RugbyPass website and the France.tv platform.

"It's clearly a competition that allows us to gain strength, to have a better connection in the group, to impose ourselves also against opponents that' ;we will meet again at the Olympic Games."

Little known, the VII has the habit of only capturing the light during the Olympic Games. The arrival of Dupont in the equation attracts a little more attention.

"It's no longer a secret, it brings a lot of media coverage, it's great for rugby sevens and for French rugby sevens, we enjoy it", appreciate Riva.

"He brings us a lot of energy"

Dupont (27 years old), emblematic boss of the French XV, who misses his usual teammates stuck in a mediocre Six Nations Tournament, has already proven his value to his new partners.

"Antoine Dupont is a boy who brings a lot of power, in duels he dominates the opponents, that's good for the team. He brings us a lot of energy, we felt it from the first tournament", notes his captain.

An effect of the best player in the world 2021 visible even on foreigners: "We have already had great players in the past, some have succeeded better than others. #39;others. Dupont had an immediate influence, it's really good for our sport", said United States captain Kevon Williams.

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