When Chris Rock slaps the wokes

When Chris Rock slaps the wokes


It makes me laugh when some accuse the Journal columnists of being obsessed with wokes. 

As if, in the rest of the planet, nobody was talking about that! Wokism is a widespread plague in the West, a cancer with multiple metastases, and the slippages of this social movement are denounced as much in Europe as in America.

The proof? Chris Rock did a live show on Netflix on Saturday and he spent more time (and cracking better jokes) on wokes than… on Will Smith's Oscar slap! 


Right off the bat, Chris Rock had me roaring with laughter with his caveat, “I'm going to try to put on a show tonight without offending anyone.” You never know what will trigger a reaction. You say the wrong word… You have to be careful. You know what people say, words hurt. Anyone who says that has ever been punched in the face.” 

Already, in a few sentences, he had summed up everything that annoys us with the woke movement. Words seen as mines on a battlefield. As if using an unpleasant word was as serious as physical aggression!

“Before, when you wanted someone's job, you worked harder than him. Now you just have to wait for him to say a forbidden word”. 

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But I found that in his charge against Will Smith, Chris Rock was just settling scores, with anger and less humor.

While his jokes about the wokes… were quite enjoyable. 

Chris Rock could perhaps become a columnist for the Journal!

When Chris Rock slaps the wokes