When disagreement sparks the hate

Quand le désaccord suscite la haine

On Wednesday, the spectacle of the Saint-Jean, the singer-songwriter Emile Bilodeau sported a badge anti-law 21. Have followed hundreds of hate comments on social networks, and even threats of death to the place of the singer.

“To the traitors, 12 bullets in the skin, “” a stupid to the balance of the islamic “, ” you see, this headstone on my profile picture ? It is you who should be there, bag of shit “.

Emile Bilodeau was displayed against this act in force for one year, which states that the quebec State is secular. It prohibits the inhabitants of the province to display a religious sign in the course of their employment as a public servant.

If Émile Bilodeau has received such hate in return, imagine that which has been bestowed on those individuals covered by the act, and who have dared to denounce it.

Never people should not be threatened for the expression of their opinion.

A discriminatory law

Why be against the law to 21 ?

  • Because it is unfair to ask people to abandon their values. Choose between their spirituality and future employment ? Really ? Secularism should not be at the expense of individuals.
  • Because the law is 21 discriminates against the people who are part of religious minorities. She has prejudices against them, and stigmatizes them more, then they are already experiencing racism in the labour market.

I am ashamed that veiled women have wanted to settle in another province to teach.

I deplore the fact that Quebecers are not confident enough in their identity to accommodate all the people as they are.

I am opposed to the bill 21, yet I do not threaten with death those that support it.

No matter what our beliefs, are we to live in an inclusive society.

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