When QS lambasted QS

Quand QS fustige QS

In the style of “trial grabby” that deserves debate, is hard to do better.

I’m talking about The impasses of political correctness (Varia, 2019), Pierre Mouterde, eloquent thinker who was involved in the founding of Québec solidaire, which it also says it is still “active member”.

Launched at the end of November, before the era covidienne, the work is cringe to the left.

I wouldn’t be surprised if some group in Facebook, one calls for the ban!

This would be a confirmation sickening of the thesis of the author, according to which a “poison” deadly plagues “fat of the left” current “is mixed with the companies draconian” contemporary.

Accents pamphlétaires, the book provides some keys to understanding our been punctuated by denunciations, anonymous, accusations on all sides by racism, and call for the censorship.


Mouterde presents itself as a representative of a left (marxist), which was trying to think of the company in its “entirety”.

That, among other things, fought for the freedom of expression. She claimed, for example, in the 1970s, as the piece controversial The fairies are thirsty, by Denise Boucher, is to be presented. In the years 2010, left, has on the contrary done everything to outlaw the parts, Slav and Kanata, Robert Lepage.

According to Mouterde, left “cross-cutting” today carbide to the”indignation” because she is suffering from a form of moralism “gradient”, impatient, who “wins passionnellement and seeks first and foremost to condemn and punish, and beyond to find a guilty party”.


Its fundamental flaw, according to Mouterde, is that it addresses the corporation only by certain groups within it.

She touts the “diversity”, but, in fact, promotes a “fragmentation”, he laments, as if the members of each group did not belong to a “same company”.

Mouterde deplores the obsession of the left for vocabulary (one thinks of the discussion, QS, on the “matrimoine” rather than “heritage”).

He is surprised at the back left of the notion of “race” ; critical even the term “poc”, which encourages sense a posture of “victimization”.


At the bottom, exit the collective rights, everything is subject to an “individualism bloated” forgetting the discounts in question to be fundamental.

According to Mouterde, it is this that has led QS to change your mind on secularism. At the time of Amir Khadir and Françoise David, the party advocated the prohibition of religious signs for employees of the State authority.

In 2018, the new QS has wound up in this position. According to Mouterde, this is done with a “manifest lack of substantive political discussions” ignoring in particular the “rise of islamism”.

The member “yet friendly” Sol Zanetti was forced to defend a position “diametrically opposite” to that of Option national when he was the chief, “in the purest style of the politically correct“.

Mouterde misses to the left of the 1960s, which favoured the offensive and not the defensive. He lambasted activists who invent “idealized images” of their allies, including those who want “more indigenous than the indigenous”.

Therefore, we cannot say that the author gives in to the phenomenon that he denounces!

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