When real investigations WE Charity?

À quand de vraies enquêtes sur WE Charity?

In the case of We Charity, each week brings its batch of excuses, more grotesque than the others.

There were those of Justin Trudeau, and Bill Morneau to have forgotten that the law on conflict of interests applies to them as well. And then the act of contrition surreal to the minister of Finance to have forgotten to refund travel expenses of $41,000.

Beyond the specter of cronyism worthy of the sponsorship scandal, which wraps this matter, it is for the casualness and carelessness in the administration of public funds that the government as a whole Trudeau should apologize.

The round corners…

We understand today that WE Charity is not a charitable organization as the other.

Transfers of funds to the company sister ME to WE, a large lot of real estate in Toronto, all providing a healthy income to the brothers Craig and Marc Kielburger.

Already, the doubts of governance have prompted a number of of the most generous donors to leave the ship in the last days.

Bye Bye million Telus, Virgin and many others.

But these important issues on the governance of WE, it seems that nobody is being asked of the government. Neither the officials nor the members of the cabinet, according to the clerk of the privy Council.

However, the Canada revenue Agency, it should have questions, about the shenanigans the financial of WE Charity. She will in turn open an investigation ?

And what of the allegations that WE Charity would have passed the data on its participants to the liberal Party.

Imagine the rest…

Moral of the story, even once the pandemic has the wide back.

The government has turned the corners under the pretext of helping the students, giving a significant boost to WE Charity in the detour.

However, the question arises : how many other programs from the pandemic have been launched, and administered with so much of casualness ?

That the government has made the choice to impose few controls to save families from bankruptcy in the course of Providing canadian emergency is one thing.

But it should not be forgotten that the total of 315 billion of public funds that have been spent in a few months.

How many other friends of the party have had privileged access to billions from the government ?

How many other contracts have been the subject of so much neglect ?

The revelations day-to-day in this case, hard not to fear that WE Charity is only the tip of the iceberg.

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