When the accessibility to the toilet?

À quand l’accessibilité aux toilettes?

The closure of the restaurants and most public toilets pushes Montreal in déconfinement to relieve themselves in parks and alleys, the staining of the same blow.

At parc Maisonneuve, he must not walk a long time to find that bits of toilet paper and facial tissues are strewn in a few places more to the shelter of the glances.

“Saturday, there must have been twenty girls who came to see me, his eyes full of water to ask me where they could urinate,” said an employee of the park, The Fountain preferring to conceal his name for fear of reprisals.

He says that the City of Montreal was no longer able to maintain sanitary conditions high enough to ensure the safety of users. “Before that toilets are closed in the month of march, people were afraid to touch any of the facilities. There was shit everywhere, ” he explains.

During the days of heavy traffic flow in the parks because of the beautiful weather, the shops receive dozens of passers-by asking to go to the potty. At the restaurant La Banquise, on Rachel street in Montreal, a sheet glued to the glass to notify immediately the customers that the bathrooms are not accessible anymore.

“In normal times, we let people use them even if they are not customers, but there was not enough staff to clean after each use,” explains Annie Barsalou, the owner of the hotel located near La Fontaine park.

On the other side of the street, the owners of My sissy are more accommodating.

“We let people use the toilets provided they have the queue as the customers “, said Antonio Alves, who owns the restaurant grills the Portuguese.

Green light of the public Health

The regional Directorate of Montreal public health has given the green light to the City to reopen the sanitary facilities in a notice sent last may 21, but these must be subject to a cleaning and disinfection regularly, ideally every two to four hours.

On the side of the City of Montreal, we are working with the boroughs to re-open a limited number of sanitary blocks. At the time of writing these lines, however, no date has been specified.

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