When the Day of Kyiv 2019: the history and activities of the holiday

Find out when the celebration of Kyiv Day in 2019, and what events are worth a visit

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Когда День Киева 2019: история и мероприятия праздника

The Day Of Kyiv

The day of Kyiv is a holiday which can be called the birthday of the city. He is dedicated to his birthday. The annual Kyiv Day is held on the last Sunday of may, and in 2019 falls on the 26th. This year Kiev celebrates 1537 anniversary.

Watch the video how in Kiev hosted a charity auction:

The day of Kiev: the history of the holiday

The first celebration of the day of Kyiv in may 1982. The celebration was dedicated to the iconic 1500-year anniversary of the city.

The idea of a holiday offered under the city mayor Valery Zgurski. And since 1987 the Day of Kiev became an official holiday. And to celebrate it began in the spring last Sunday at the initiative of journalist Vyacheslav Lashuk.

Although a holiday called “Day of Kiev”, but usually it is not limited to only one day and lasts for several days. And often in different years, this festival coincides with recent calls to schools in the capital. So to celebrate both children and adults abound.

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The day of Kyiv celebration

Traditionally, the Day of Kyiv organizes many activities for residents and guests of the capital, held a variety of events, concerts, sports competitions and demonstrations, including a sailing regatta, Bicycle race, kite festival, flower shows and the largest sports charity event, “chestnut Run”. And ends the Day of Kiev fireworks.

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Earlier we told you where to go on the Day of Kyiv 2019: events.

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