When the pooling of municipal police officers in Béziers agitates the council

When the pooling of municipal police officers in Béziers agitates the council

Les agents de la Police municipale de Béziers patrouillent aussi à Cers, Corneilhan et Boujan-sur-Libron. Midi Libre – PIERRE SALIBA

Since 2021, a shared municipal police service has been established between Béziers and its neighbors Cers, Corneilhan and Boujan. This via three conventions. But at the time of their renewal, this Tuesday, July 9, in the municipal council, opposition elected official Thierry Antoine raised a problem: the commune of Cers does not never paid any intervention to that of Béziers. Its mayor Didier Bresson also explained to his elected officials, in a public meeting, that it was "a favor", "a’ a gift. Remarks that he now describes as "stupidity".

"I'm angry", said Thierry Antoine, elected opposition EELV, this Tuesday evening, in the middle of the Béziers municipal council. He points to the pooling of the municipal police of Béziers, through its agents, its equipment, but also concerning the management of the car impound. Since 2021, in fact, through three agreements signed with the municipalities of Boujan-sur-Libron, Corneilhan and Cers, "a pooling" is effective with the aim "of improving the operational efficiency of services and optimizing costs", indicates the deliberation voted for the renewal of these famous conventions.

The principle, identical for each of the three municipalities, is to pay the City of Béziers 3.53 € per year and per inhabitant to reimburse the cost of regular patrols, plus a flat rate of 175 € by "punctual intervention." With a summary of the interventions prepared by the Municipal Police of Béziers… Or "Didier Bresson, the mayor of Cers, declared that the interventions were not billed as a favor", reports Thierry Antoine, several minutes of the Cers municipal council in support (dated November 14, 2023 and June 17). "This is serious." And to request the withdrawal of the famous deliberation. Awaiting clarification. Despite some vagueness, it will be maintained.

"It's stupid"

Finally, the day after the municipal council, the services of the Béziers town hall explained that there had been no one-off intervention in Cers and that this is why the decision was taken. rsquo;there are no chargebacks. They evoke a lack of knowledge of the subject by Didier Bresson. "It’s stupidity, stupidity that I said", reacts in turn the mayor of Cers by evoking the remarks he made on several occasions in the presence of Cers elected officials. em>"a gift" from Robert Ménard. "We only have a rural guard and a municipal police officer. This rapprochement ensures security for the village."

"My duty as an elected official is to report this to the prosecutor. I don't believe Mr. Bresson's defense. And then it makes no sense. They say that this pooling works well and in fact there is no intervention, it's ridiculous…", estimated for his part Thierry Antoine.

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