When the rabbits will have children

Quand les lapins auront des enfants

If there is an institution that has turned to the great speed in recent decades, it is the family.

Before, a family, it was mom, dad and their biological children.

Today, a child can have two dads, three moms, develop in the stomach, hired a surrogate mother, see the day four years after the death of his biological father, be the son of his grand-mother, and the brother of his mother, etc

All permutations are possible.


But despite all these transformations and revolutions, a law remains immutable : the children are the opposite of their parents.

It was like that at the time of Julius Caesar and I am sure it was like that in the stone age.

I am convinced that this is the son of the inventor of the wheel who created the first brake !

Two sitcoms in the united states have treated brilliantly in this topic : All in the Family and Family Ties.

Aired from 1971 to 1979, All in the Family (probably the series that has influenced the greatest number of authors in the history of tv) told the story of Archie Bunker, a worker, racist, homophobic, macho and reactionary who spent his time railing against the leftists.

However, much to his dismay, his cherished daughter had decided to marry with a teacher hippie !

Each week, Archie engueulait with his son-in-law on hot topics in the news.

It was funny, punché and politically incorrect.

A series that it would be impossible to broadcast today under the pretext that it would cause irreparable damage to small rabbits hyper-sensitive, who take refuge in their “safe space” as soon as they hear an argument that does not go in the direction of their beliefs.


The sitcom Family Ties, which was broadcast from 1982 to 1989 and launched the career of Canadian Michael J. Fox (Marty McFly in Back to the Future), was exactly the reverse of All in the Family.

This time, it was two boomers leftists that spent their time to get mad at their teenage son who tripait on Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher !

“But how have we been able to bring into the world such a monster ?” wondered each week these two parents are democrats, to the delight of the viewers.

(This was at a time where people were not forced to all think the same. That is to say : a thousand years ago. Before social media and the anti-fascist fascists.)

In short, there is nothing more timeless that this conflict of generations.

Proof : there are four or five years ago, my eldest daughter has emailed me a photo of her with one of his idols : Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois !

He had to see the smile of GND, who knew that this photo was sent !

You could hear almost saying, ” Eh, Martineau ? It is not your worst nightmare, is it ? “


The milléniaux are better to be mentally prepared over the next few years.

Because their children will be anything but… little rabbits.

In fact, they may be like their grandparents.

Free thinkers grumpy who don’t care about the well-pensance, are wary of the priests and hate the thought police.

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