When Trinity 2019 is celebrated in Ukraine

Find out how many notes Holy Trinity in 2019, and how much output is waiting for the Ukrainians

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Когда Троица 2019 празднуется в Украине

Holy Trinity

The Holy Trinity – a holiday that in Orthodoxy refers to the major feasts and celebrates the Holy Trinity.

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Trinity 2019: date of the celebration in Ukraine

Orthodox holidays Easter and Pentecost 2019 are inextricably linked. The Trinity is celebrated exactly 50 days after the resurrection of Christ. Therefore, Orthodox Christians, the feast has another name, Pentecost.

Because Easter in 2019 is celebrated on April 28, at Holy Trinity 2019 the number of the celebration is set for Sunday, June 16.

The Catholic Trinity 2019 is traditionally celebrated on the first Sunday after the feast of Pentecost. Since Pentecost in 2019 falls on 9 June, Western Christians will celebrate the feast of the Holy Trinity on 16 June, i.e. the same day as the Orthodox.

Trinity 2019: the weekend in Ukraine

This religious holiday in Ukraine is official day of rest. According to Ukrainian legislation, if a public holiday falls on a Sunday, it is automatically transferred to the following Monday. Thus, the Trinity, 2019 weekend is three days in a row: Saturday, June 15, until Monday, the 17th.

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