When Walpurgis night 2019: date, history and rituals

Walpurgis night 2019: what day is celebrated, and what signs will tell about the future

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Когда Вальпургиева ночь в 2019 году: дата, история и обряды

Marking Walpurgis night

When will the Walpurgis night in 2019, what’s his story why this day is considered the witches ‘ what rituals have survived to our time, and what signs it is important to pay attention to find out in our article.

Walpurgis night 2019: date landmark night

Walpurgis night is traditionally accounts for the period from April 30 to may 1 and in 2019 the night will come from Tuesday to Wednesday.

In the national calendar, this time in many European countries coincides with the celebration of spring with summer.

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Walpurgis night: the history of the holiday

Walpurgis night coincides by date with the day of remembrance of the Catholic Saint Wimbersky nun Walburga, on whose behalf received, the name of the holiday. Holy Walpurga, the daughter of the English king, that was one of the first nuns in 748, he founded the German States in Heidenheim monastery, where he died in year 777.

During the years of his life and after the death of the Holy Walpurga famous for various miracles. Folk Walburga’s considered the patroness of sailors, the sick and women in childbirth, and a protector from the elements, disease, rabies, starvation, crop failure. Famous legends about how Walburga’s calmed the storm, rescued people from dogs, pirates, famine and epidemics.

A Saint often depicted with a bottle of myrrh and a triangular mirror in hand, can show the future, and with a dog at his feet, which is the guide of the world of the living and the world of the dead. The people believed that on the night of may 1 opened the borders between the worlds, and the people were given the opportunity to communicate with the souls of the dead, to guess, to — to divine and predict the future.

In 870 this day took place the canonization of the Saint, and since may 1 became an official day of remembrance, free Internet and free Parking.

Walpurgis night: traditions and superstitions

  • Walpurgis night is one of the most dark, scary and mysterious nights of the year. From the middle ages to the present day preserved the legend that apart from the celebration of fertility and spring, Walpurgis night is also a time of feasting evil forces.
  • It is believed that on this night the witches fly on their broomsticks from all corners of the earth on the Sabbath, which takes place on Holy bald mountain. For example, in Kiev, the top of Bald mountain repeatedly burnt by lightning, and people believed that thus the gods tried to destroy the evil force that was going to be there.
  • But the people themselves in this period staged exciting festivals, games, dances and lit bonfires to purify the soul from evil spirits and scare away witches.
  • Walpurgis night is a time for a variety of predictions, divination, fortune telling and omens.
  • Also in the Walpurgis night of the healer for the herbs, which were attributed medicinal properties in this period.
  • To add health and increase beauty for the entire year, in this period, early in the morning after a night to wash the dew.
  • On this night, amulets or talismans endowed with special powers and is able to show its protective properties.
  • Also in this magical night, it is important to be careful in words and deeds, it is not necessary to remember and mention the evil spirits so as not to attract her energy.
  • The sign at Walpurgis night, warns that you can not wear black, as well as those in which people have been trouble.
  • And in the Walpurgis night dream prophetic dreams.

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