Where did my stockings go?

Where did my stockings go?


Mystery hovers in several houses. Why, after a few washes, do our socks become orphaned and we frequently find ourselves with a drawer full of mismatched socks?

Looking for missing socks, here are some tips for find them:

  • Be careful not to overload the washing machine to avoid loss of stockings.
  • If the stockings are small, so especially children's stockings, it is quite possible to find them in unusual places.
  • Check the inside of pillowcases, pant legs, or make sure they aren't stuck to synthetic clothing that will camouflage them at first glance.
  • Usually it is static electricity that will cause the stockings to stick to clothing. So don't skimp on the amount of liquid fabric softener you add to the laundry or cut fabric softener sheets in half to save pennies.
  • Curiously, it happens that stockings slip between the drum and the contour of the tub of the washing machine. It would be risky to unplug the appliance and disassemble the drum surround to recover a small adventurer stocking.
  • Stockings can also disappear when transferring from the washing machine to the dryer . You will then find them rolled up in a ball under appliances or behind furniture.
  • To solve the problem permanently, ask family members to use a mesh bag with a zipper designed for washing underwear. When they come out of the dryer, they will already be paired and easy to spot.
  • As a last resort, buy several pairs of identical stockings, in the same color. It will then be easy to put them together without wondering about the mystery of a missing stocking.

And remember that children love to wear single stockings in different colors. Their imagination allows them to create new pairs of the most unusual stockings!