Where is the French candidates to the leadership of the conservative Party of Canada?

Où en est le français des candidats à la direction du Parti conservateur du Canada?

Raphael Lavoie, QMI Agency

With four candidates whose native language is English, the race to the leadership of the conservative Party of Canada (CPC) will surely be in the spotlight on the occasion of the debate in French, which will take place on Wednesday evening.

We spoke with candidate Peter Mackay, Erin O’toole and Derek Sloan to see where they were in their development of the language of Molière and what was their relationship with it.

The candidate Leslyn Lewis declined the offer because she wanted to concentrate more on the preparation of the debate.

Recall that the debate in Quebec city at the previous race for the leadership of the CCP in January 2017 had done a lot to react because of the French time-consuming a few candidates.

Mackay: “well, come on!”

“Eliminate red tape”, “well let’s see”, “blueberries”: Peter Mackay had a low to these expressions in quebec.

As all of the candidates, Mr. Mackay took advantage of the last few weeks at home to take online classes in order to perfect his French. He has practiced with his wife, who speaks French, and her children, who go to school “bilingual”.

“For me, [learn French], it is a significant investment of my time,” he said, explaining at the same time that Quebecers are one of the founding peoples of Canada.

Mackay recalled having attended a performance of the Saint-Jean-Baptiste day on the plains of Abraham. It is at this time that he has known quebec singer Robert Charlebois, an artist he appreciates. It also does Celine Dion and Mitsou.

O’toole: the fan of Lance et compte

When he began his career in the canadian armed Forces, the candidate Erin O’toole listened to Lance et compte tv to improve his French.

Now, it is away a little of Pierre Lambert and he spoke to his team and to the citizens every day in their second language.

His daughter, he says, is in a French school.

“I talk to him every day with it, a few words about the weather and of course on the pandemic,” he says.

Mr. O’toole believes that he has learned a lot in the last race in the direction of the PCC on the issues facing Quebec and the partisan conservatives of the province.

In view of the debate, he is greatly exercised to say correctly “CHSLD”.

Sloan: it’s difficult, genera!

For its part, the candidate’s ontario Derek Sloan converse in French with his mentor on political issues to perfect her French in view of the debate on Wednesday.

“I do not practice the exact phrases”, he adds.

He admits also still have trouble with genres.

“The masculine and the feminine, I take a guess. I don’t know the gender. Sometimes, I’m right. Sometimes, I’m wrong, “says the candidate.

To be prime minister of Canada, Derek Sloan indicates that it is necessary to “know people” and that, to do this in Quebec, “must speak French”.

Thus, his plan, if he wins the leadership, it is that it’s “embarquerait in an immersion course” to become bilingual.

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