Where to apply to victims of domestic violence in Kiev

Куда обращаться жертвам домашнего насилия в Киеве

Free consultation available for survivors of violence.

Domestic violence in Kiev – is not uncommon. So, in one of the houses in the capital Obolonok residents complain that the family next door, the man often beat wife after drinking alcohol. The family has two children, reports the Chronicle.info with reference for Today.

Deputy head of the KCSA Maryna Honda recalled that in urban and regional centers of women and the family conducted free consultations. You can also contact the helpline or a Centre for social-psychological assistance.

“Unfortunately, violence in Kiev’s families is a big problem. Kiev should know about the existence of centers where they can receive various kinds of assistance. For example, in urban and regional centers of women and the family specialists provide free consultations of the lawyer, the psychologist, there is the social rehabilitation of women who suffer from violence. Everyone can seek assistance from the helpline: (044) 489-44-48. In addition, the city has a Center for social and psychological assistance, which provides assistance in terms of round-the-clock and day hospital, and also consults by telephone. Clients include families with children who are in difficult life circumstances or have suffered from domestic violence,” explained Honda.


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