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Где купить самую красивую вышиванку

Approaching Day square 2019, and it is time to think about traditional clothes for the holiday – embroidery. Today.Lifestyle made a selection of Ukrainian shops and web pages, where you can buy a shirt for every taste.

Stylish charm: how embroidery can help a woman:

Where to go for the purchase of the new embroidered shirts or dresses – we offer a selection of Ukrainian brands.

Varenyky Fashion

This brand successfully combines modern trends with old traditions. And all the patterns printed on his clothes, created in conjunction with the ethnologists, are the very same amulets that were used by our ancestors, giving them magical powers to protect its owner.

So if you even slightly believe in the power of these things, these shirts should appear in your closet. And every time I put this you will read its ornament, because each embroidered symbol has a special meaning. Flowers mean beauty, stars, happiness, heart and swans love.

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For her clothing Varenyky Fashion use only natural fabrics and yarn. Each sample is created manually, and the combination of colors range from classic black, white and red to rare such as Indigo or powdery. The price of shirts and dresses starts from four thousand.

Varenyky FashionФото: facebook.com/varenykyfashionVarenyky FashionФото: facebook.com/varenykyfashionVarenyky FashionФото: facebook.com/varenykyfashionVarenyky FashionФото: facebook.com/varenykyfashionVarenyky FashionФото: facebook.com/varenykyfashion1/5


The history of the brand goes back more than ten years. It has its own production and specializiruetsya on the sale of products exclusively handmade. The clothing is made of natural fabrics, particularly linen, and ornaments have a long history.

According to the creators, they are eager to join the revival of Ukrainian traditions, creating modern apparel with an eye on the experience of past generations. It is not excluded, what exactly thanks to such enthusiasts embroidery has become a global trend.

In Еtnodim you can buy women’s embroidery, and also clothes for children and men. The prices for embroidered shirts and dresses start from 1500 UAH.

ЕtnodimФото: facebook.com/etnodimЕtnodimФото: facebook.com/etnodimЕtnodimФото: facebook.com/etnodimЕtnodimФото: facebook.com/etnodimЕtnodimФото: facebook.com/etnodimЕtnodimФото: facebook.com/etnodim1/6


Experts of this brand, of course, also try to reinterpret ancient traditions with modern design. Creating their embroidered blouses, dresses, skirts and jumpsuits in FOBERINI use natural silk, linen and wool. As well as natural filaments and shells for the buttons.

Here, too, believe that all things carry a powerful energy and stored encrypted charms. Buy and shirt and dress can be from six thousand. The range includes men’s shirts.

FOBERINIФото: facebook.com/foberiniFOBERINIФото: facebook.com/foberiniFOBERINIФото: facebook.com/foberiniFOBERINIФото: facebook.com/foberiniFOBERINIФото: facebook.com/foberini1/5


A relatively young brand, according to legend, combines two elements, the beginning and end, male and female, past and future, the red black. Its main mission, its creators believe the preservation of centuries-old traditions and the transfer of all sacred knowledge of our ancestors to the next generations.

These shirts, which are decorated with traditional Ukrainian folk elements that will satisfy even the most capricious women of fashion and become a staple not only during the holidays, and in a normal week.
In stock there are men’s, children’s and women’s clothing. As well as all kinds of accessories – earrings, necklaces, wreaths, embroidered tablecloths and even dolls. Shirt and dress can be bought from 1500 UAH.



Shop-Atelier, where you’ll make whatever you want. In addition to embroidery for the whole family here to create embroidered ties and outerwear. And patterns you can choose the classic and more.

The abundance of color combinations of the brand can drive you crazy. So get ready for what is going to the store or on the website at least once, just to walk out with empty hands will not succeed. Prices start from five thousand.

PlahtaФото: facebook.com/plahtaPlahtaФото: facebook.com/plahtaPlahtaФото: facebook.com/plahtaPlahtaФото: facebook.com/plahtaPlahtaФото: facebook.com/plahta1/5

Recall, the Ukrainian designer Yulia Magdych said, where you can wear a shirt, except national holidays.

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Где купить самую красивую вышиванку

Где купить самую красивую вышиванку

Где купить самую красивую вышиванку


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