Where to buy tickets for the “Eurovision 2019”

“Eurovision 2019” will take place in tel Aviv, Israel

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Где купить билеты на "Евровидение 2019"

Tickets for “Eurovision 2019”

This year around the sale of tickets to Eurovision scandal. In early spring, the organizers have even stopped selling tickets for the “Eurovision 2019” to clarify the circumstances. As it turned out, the Corporation for public broadcasting Israel Kan found a violation of the rules when selling tickets. But now the tickets are sold, and even a few days before the competition you can buy them.

The international song contest “Eurovision 2019” will take place in tel Aviv 14, 16, 18 may. Due to the limited number of seats, the ticket price for the contest was slightly higher than in past years.

To buy tickets for “Eurovision 2019” is a company to sell – Leaan.

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The bookies, meanwhile, actively make bets on the winner. How it will look in the standings of “Eurovision 2019” – fresh predictions.

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