Where to go on the Day of Kyiv 2019: events

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Куда пойти на День Киева 2019: афиша мероприятий

Where to go on the Day of Kyiv 2019

In the last spring weekend traditionally celebrated as the Day of Kyiv. In 2019 is on may 25-26. On this occasion, the frontman of the band “Okean Elzy” decided to organize an extraordinary event – concert of “Okean Elzy” at ENEA.

However, these days will also be many other interesting activities and places where you want to go. So Today.Lifestyle offers a list of place where to go on the Day of Kyiv 2019.

“Chestnut run”

The event will be held on may 26, already 27 times. Mileage athletes will start at approximately 9:00 on Maidan Nezalezhnosti. It will be attended by over 10,000 people. Thus, the participants demonstrate their solidarity, shared values, a path to the goal, and most importantly – help the children. The funds raised by the project are used for the purchase of necessary equipment and consumables for the Center of pediatric cardiology and cardiac surgery MOH.

Martini food love

On the Day of Kyiv you can visit the food festival at the Art factory Platform. Enjoy the food in all senses. For you and your friends – a delicious gastronomy of Lunapark entertainment, most Italian food court in the city and music from the Masterskaya. Tickets – from 100 UAH.

“Star Of Courage Bazaar”

The event will be held on may 25-26 19 in the pavilion ENEA. Alla Klimenko team is preparing special training for the Stellar Courage of the Bazaar. Training, the purpose of which is to teach to love themselves and others, to accept, to appreciate and enjoy every day!

“The festival of architecture for kids Archikidz”

The festival will take place may 25-26 in Gallery of Arts “Lavra”. Chief master-class “the Big architectural Studio” gathers children aged 7 to 12 years and for 3.5 hours with the architects to create a project work on the theme “United city”. The first master class was introduced by architects from Amsterdam and for about two decades, travels the world and gathers followers. Therefore, if you and your children are interested in it is the place where you have to get.

The day of Kyiv in the Park “Kievan Rus”

The program of celebration will be interesting for both adults and children. Moreover, that passing events will be 25-25 may. In the performance theater of the Principality of “Kievan Rus” will be recreated the legend “As Kiev Kyiv became” the Apostle Andrew who predicted the emergence of a large city on the Dnieper hills, the legend of Kyi, Schek, Horeb and their sister Lybid, the legend about Oleg, Askold and dir, the legend about Prophetic Oleg, the epic of the Mikula Selyaninovich, the legend of Lada and LEL and interactive Father’s Shirt. In the eyes of the guests of Ancient Kiev will also unfold the historical events and revive the iconic milestones in the history of the “mother of Russian cities”. “Highlight” of the festival will be a colorful carnival of old Slavic characters, historical and mythical.

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