Where will the big american car?

Où s'en va la grosse voiture américaine?


Last year, Buick dropped its last big sedan traditional, Lacrosse. At the same time, Ford switched off the headlights of the Taurus, Chevrolet selecting a few months later to replicate with the announcement of the abandonment of the Impala.

For Ford and General Motors, this means the end of an era. Or if you prefer, the death of the large sedan, which will no doubt be followed shortly by that of the mid-size sedan. In fact, no need to be Gandhi to guess that the Chevrolet Malibu and Ford Fusion are living on borrowed time.

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Now, is what the american sedan traditional merit such a fate? Is there still a customer preferring this type of vehicle to a Ford Explorer or a Buick Enclave? Because at the north american level, it seems clear that a large part of the buyers always want to ride…in the car.

Of course, Cadillac and Lincoln still provide sedans, medium and large sizes. Luxury cars, which it sells at a high price and with which one tries to give the reply to the european products. However, large sedans bearing a crest of the ota are no more. Well, almost.

FCA markets always the duo Dodge charger and Chrysler 300. Two cars that have hardly changed over the past ten years, especially on the side of Chrysler, where retail sales are made symbolic. And yet, these two cars will continue their career, there is nothing indicating that they are on the point of retire.

The vast majority of the 300 and Charge who take the road are first sold to rental companies. The latter will generally retain between 12 and 18 months and then sell at auction to a ridiculous price. Thus, and because the supply on the used market is far greater than the demand, the value of these cars to take for his cold. Especially in the case of the Chrysler 300, less popular, and that shows a retail price higher.

This explains as well why the few are the buyers who opt for one of these models in a new state. We much prefer to turn to the used market and take advantage of the depreciation which sometimes exceed even 50% in less than two years. Now, with a little more than 30 000 Chrysler 300 and 100 000 Load sold in North America last year, one can understand why the FCA continues to keep him alive. And since the competition is now non-existent, it represents the quasi-totality of the market.

The Load…

In Quebec, purchasers of Dodge charger are a rare. However, this car is still experiencing a certain success in the United States. Its resale value is there above and the enthusiasm for the models, performance is exceptional. Think of the version R/T, SRT392 or Hellcat. Of the models that ignite passion and keep a very good resale value.

It is also important to understand that with the demise of the Ford Taurus and the Chevrolet Caprice (which was sold only in the United States), the Load is now the only car of its kind still available to the police. So we can keep the Load in production almost solely for this reason, as was the manufacturer in Ford with the Crown Victoria.

At the wheel of the Chrysler 300

A few days spent behind the wheel of a Chrysler 300 Limited gave me the opportunity to make a return back to me, confirming the fact that in my view it is very relevant to keep this kind of cars on the market. Because the product, although aging, remains interesting. Comfortable, elegant, powerful enough and very well equipped, this car provides feelings today very rare, but that have nothing to do with that of a luxury sedan with four-cylinder engine, costing the same price.

The problem of the Chrysler 300 does not lie so definitely in its design, but rather in the way of the market. No financing plans advantageous, yet less than rental, and wholesale discount, but are in reality fictitious, since the suggested retail price is inordinately too high. Add to this the lack of inventory at dealerships, and the disinterest of the latter in the market, and you can understand why the sales are now also symbolic.

Is this car could today be as popular as a Jeep Grand Cherokee? No, of course not. The market has changed and the demand for large sedans is less important. However, with a little more effort, with updates and a few improvements here and there, it would lead without doubt to increase the sales and to create a craze that would ultimately increase the value or less, the interest.

In the meantime, FCA remains the only player to offer a product of this kind. For how much longer? Only the future will tell…

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