Where will this great purge?

Où s’arrêtera donc cette grande purge?

The valves of the denunciation are open. Unlike the rest of Canada and America, this is not the racism anti-Black that it denounces in Quebec by the time that run.

These are the assault and harassment of a sexual nature. The “guilty” have three possible routes. Either they become silent and let the storm, or they threaten the dénonciatrices of a libel suit or… they are excuses.

The civil Code of Québec now has an article that determines that an apology does not constitute an admission of guilt. Is this because of this new provision of the civil Code that both superstars hit by allegations choose the way of an apology ?

Other places, other customs

This is not the path that was borrowed, yesterday, Yves-François Blanchet, leader of the Bloc québécois. He has categorically denied any wrongdoing and invited his denunciatory anonymous complaint to the competent authorities. The alleged assault would have occurred 20 years ago, when Blanchet was the impresario of the rocker Éric Lapointe.

Other places, other customs ! If Yves-François Blanchet was still part of the show business, its customers and the artists to which he would have been the manager would have all dropped a shot. This is the fate that has suffered a few days ago a plethora of pop singers and managers. I don’t need to name them, we talk about it everywhere.

Even if the apology does not constitute an admission of guilt, broadcasters and sponsors take it as a confession. For them, the star denounced is guilty. Whether it’s a bite rather trivial in one member who does nothing more sexual than the ear of Mike Tyson, whether it’s a stolen kiss, or a rape, pure and simple, advertisers and broadcasters apply without mercy to the death penalty.

A purge of the ruthless

In 24 hours, By Morin has been dropped by all his sponsors. Probably without the slightest compensation. Now it is the turn of the broadcasters and producers to settle their case and they do not go dead hand. Not only did they cancel the series or the films in which she was to play, but they erased all of his traces in the works already in circulation. In addition to his wanderings, By became contagious.

VAT has just strike it from its list of nominations at the gala Artis, who was nominated as the host of variety shows and entertainment, and as the female personality of the year, honor ultimate. Club illico has also been removed from its directory to the excellent series The rift, even if By was not the star.

At the time it is, one is dealing with watch strictly to all the old shows to ensure that we do not see the pestiférée, if only for a few seconds. I imagine that Sony tablettera also the film of Denys Arcand, The fall of the american empire, especially as By Morin plays the starring role. However, we do constantly see on screens of the artists who were sentenced to jail. But it was in a different time.

Keen to be always in the air at the time and fearing to displease their audience, and television broadcasters, and radio shows were quarantined extended all the pop singers reported up to now by social networks.

The great purge does can be that start. Would like it to change behaviors in the long term without leaving too many corpses in its path.

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