White House pushes for development of 'next generation' Covid vaccines

White House pushing for development of “new Covid vaccines generation” /></p>
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<p>The summit brought together scientists, officials from the Joe Biden administration, but also representatives of the pharmaceutical industry, including Pfizer and Moderna.</p>
<p>If the vaccines already authorized continue to protect very well against serious cases of the disease, the mutations of the different variants of the virus that have appeared over time have reduced their effectiveness, in particular in preventing infection and transmission, and reminders have quickly become needed.</p>
<p>Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases and adviser to Joe Biden on the health crisis, said efforts toward next-generation vaccines rest on “two pillars”: “pan-coronavirus vaccines” , and “mucosal vaccines”.</p>
<p>Concretely: a universal vaccine targeting all coronaviruses, or a nasal spray type vaccine.</p><!-- adman_adcode (middle, 1) --><script async=

This second possibility would stimulate an immune response “ at the local level”, in order to hit the virus very quickly “where it enters”.

“The goal is to not just protect against disease, but to protect against its acquisition, and with that, transmission,” Fauci explained.

Many studies are currently underway to develop this type of vaccine.

Concerning a universal vaccine against all coronaviruses, two strategies are being studied, detailed Dr. Fauci: using an element common to all the targeted viruses, or a “mosaic” approach, by taking multiple parts of the virus.

Current vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer do indeed target the virus's only Spike protein on its surface, but this is susceptible to mutations.

< p> Achieving such a universal vaccine remains “ambitious” for the moment, however, warned Dr. Fauci, stressing the important role to be played by the pharmaceutical industry in this goal.

In the meantime, the US executive has asked the companies supplying the current vaccines to update their formula so that it confers efficacy enhanced against the Omicron variant specifically. The government is hoping for a major recall campaign with this new formula in the fall.