White King, a baby white lion neglected by his mom in Spain

White King, un bébé lion blanc négligé par sa maman en Espagne

It is called the White King, this is a baby white lion and a true ” teddy bear “, according to the director of the zoo in Spanish where he was born. However, his mom rejected after you put it down very difficult.

White’s King, born on the 31st of may, is the first white lion to be born at a zoo in Spain.

Juan Luis Malpartida, the director of Mundo Park in Guillena, near Seville (in the south), loves to provide care and hugs and give him milk in a bottle.

“The birthing went wrong “, he says to the AFP, because the mother, a lioness, blanche brought it back from Thailand four years ago, ” has put down 14 or 15 days after term.”

The lion to be born was very big and heavy. “Imagine how much she suffered, I don’t know how she put to the world,” says the director of the 73-year-old who, since his childhood, lives surrounded by animals.

Three days after farrowing, seeing that the newborn baby is nursed, not her mother, because it ” does not care “, he removed to the lioness small sound, which was ” in a state of hypothermia, hypoglycaemia and dehydration “.

This Wednesday, on the other hand, “this is the first day where I would see the head high, trying to run,” said Juan Luis Malpartida.

And the mother ? “She is quite calm,” says the director of the zoo, ensuring that “she wanted to be free of the little, be back in heat” and that the male takes care of her.

White King may well now be one of the attractions of the zoo which is home to a thousand animals, and will re-open on Thursday, after three months of closure due to sars coronavirus.

The team intends for the moment to continue to take care of the lion cub and feeding him, says Mr. Malpartida.

“When you will see that we can give it back to its parents, it will be, he says. Although this is tricky, because it will become a rival to the father.”

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