Whiter than white: how to wear bright clothes

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Whiter than white! How to wear bright clothing and how it must be erased in order to have flawless look. The correspondent of “Today” Natalia Timoshina found out the secrets of Ukrainian fashionistas.

About how bright clothing during the day turns into dark, tells “Today” journalist Julia Konnik.

“Summer is, first of all, gnats – you’re white, and all the gnats that were in the area was on me. Moreover, in the air a lot of dust, and the transport is rarely clean. In the evening you go in the car and I think that, probably, worked in the field, in the mud,” says Julia.

In the Ukrainian cities of white wine lovers should be ready for daily washing. Designers all over the world scratching their heads – how to make a white that does not stain. These, for example, jeans that contain “secret technology”, repelling dirt.

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From snow-white to ivory – ask your stylist how to wear light-colored clothing. Olga Shapovalova demonstrates how to create fashionable images of white things. The first shorts:

“Sometimes white color to give better colors, plus it looks more expensive. Rough jeans and thin white translucent fabric for blouse with embossed holes give the feel of the game different textures. And then the image becomes modern. White also combine the color of the sky and greens give the image of elegance, the way traveler,” says the personal stylist.

For those who are worried about the purity of snow white, is a compromise – a milky white shade. Suitable even in polluted city.

Previously we told how often to wash clothes.

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Белее белого: как правильно носить светлую одежду

Белее белого: как правильно носить светлую одежду

Белее белого: как правильно носить светлую одежду

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