Who are the candidates from Biterrois in the running for the Europeans ?

Who are the candidates from Biterrois in the running for the Europeans ?

Franck Manogil (Reconquête), Victor Alzingre (Les Patriotes), Catherine Bry (Parti animaliste).

A few days before the European elections this Sunday, June 9, a little curiosity for the politicians of Biterrois. Who are those appearing on a list ? Do they really have a chance of being elected and sitting in the European Parliament ? Elements of response.

1 – Franck Manogil on the "Reconquest"


Biterrois Franck Manogil, who announced in February 2022 to leave the National Rally to join Éric Zemmour, is present in 18th position on the "Reconquest" C& ;#39;is therefore the candidate from Biterrois who has the best chance of being elected to the European Parliament, if however his list reaches 5% of the votes*… This father of four children, employee in the private sector, was a departmental councilor in the canton of Béziers 3 from 2015 to 2021. He was also a candidate for the 2020 senatorial election. Before being elected regional councilor of Occitanie since 2021 "Faced with the existential threats hovering over France and Europe, these elections are an important meeting, he affirms. . Marion Maréchal and his European allies are the only ones who can change the majority and actually implement campaign proposals."

2 – Jean-Luc Coronel de Boisson

Associate professor of legal history at the University of Montpellier, Jean-Luc Coronel de Boissezon, adopted by Béziers, will also be on the “Reconquête” list, but far behind, in 66th position. In March 2018, he was implicated in the evacuation of external demonstrators who were occupying the Montpellier law faculty. In February 2023, he was finally sentenced on appeal to a one-year suspended prison sentence in this case.

3 – Victor Alzingre behind Florian Philippot

Victor Alzingre, former municipal councilor of the Béziers majority, who joined the opposition in May 2022, disappointed by Robert Ménard's positions, appears in 59th position on the list “Europe is enough”, presented by the Les Patriotes movement, led by Florian Philippot. "It’is the only gathering list of the sovereignists of France, indicates the municipal elected official. It was put together in alliance with VIA-La Voie du peuple of Jean-Frédéric Poisson (conservative party founded by Christine Boutin in 2001, Editor's note), he further specifies< em>. He pleads for "the sovereignty of France, with an exit from Europe to regain control, through Frexit, of immigration and agricultural policy…"

4 – Catherine Bry with the Animalist Party

Biterroise Catherine Bry, a professional teacher, is the representative of the Animalist Party in Hérault. An animal rights activist, she is also a member of Colbac, the Béziers Liaison Committee for the abolition of bullfighting. We find it in 61st position on the Animalist Party list. And has not particularly claimed his candidacy. As a reminder, in November 2022, at the time of the examination, in the National Assembly, of Aymeric Caron's bill aimed at banning bullfighting, she had agreed to take part in the public debate at local level.

The false start of Robert Margé

Béziers breeder Robert Marg announced a few months ago that he would be a candidate on the Alliance rurale list then led by Willy Schraen, the head of the Hunters' Federation. But the electoral agreement finally concluded between the latter and Jean Lassalle seems to have got the better of Robert Marg's motivation. “I dropped out for personal and family reasons” , he explained to Midi Libre in March. Determined to defend traditions and the rural world, the former director of the Béziers arenas will undoubtedly continue to to fight this battle but not for these European elections.

This is a non-exhaustive overview, the large number of lists (38!) does not exclude surprises and the possible candidacy of other Biterrois within more confidential movements.

*As a reminder: the lists having obtained at least 5% of the votes benefit from a number of seats proportional to their number of votes. The seats are allocated to the candidates according to the order of presentation on each list. I subscribe to read the rest

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