Who are the victims of the 5th wave in Quebec?

Who are the victims of the 5th wave in Quebec?


If users of CHSLDs and private seniors' residences were the main victims of COVID during the first wave, they now seem better protected, thanks to vaccination.

It is rather the elderly who live in their homes who are more affected by the virus and who die mainly from it according to the latest figures from the INSPQ.

Of the 318 deaths recorded last week (9 January), 73.6% of them concerned elderly people at home, often aged 80 and over.

“We also have younger and immunosuppressed people. People who are on immunosuppressive therapy are often very at risk, as well as those who are not vaccinated,” explains pharmacist Diane Lamarre to Mario Dumont. 

These people who often receive help home can be easily infected by people coming from outside to provide support. 

The professor at the University of Montreal specifies that two doses of vaccine are not enough to fight against Omicron. 

“Against Omicron, it takes the third dose, and that we have a delay, we have a delay in relation to this third dose. Barely 66% of people aged 60 and over have had their third dose while they are still very vulnerable,” she observes. 

INSPQ data

Week of January 9 – 318 deaths

  • Intermediate resources: 9 deaths (28%)
  • Domicile and unknown: 234 deaths (73.6%)
  • Private residences for seniors: 35 deaths (11%)
  • CHSLD: 40 deaths (12.6%)

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